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Factors affecting the welfare of the family

main door - this is the gate through which our house can go lucky and that we can escape from adversity.Main "mouth of chi", leading to the housing should be attractive and easily accessible to well-being.Good luck and prosperity should be able to find the way to our house and enter it.

important attributes house

Keep the input regardless of whether you live in town or in the countryside.The door should be intact, handles, hinges, locks should function, and not creak.The best colors for the door - red and black, the door should be solid and durable.If every time you flinch at the sound of the call, change it to a nice and clean at all.

Under the doormat place Chinese coins, their number should be a multiple of three - it will attract the energy of money for the factors affecting family well-being and happiness.

pretty neat door furniture contributes to the success and well-being, and the neglect and broken scare positive energy.Entrance to the house should be well publicized.You can not turn off

the light even in the daytime.

front door should not be reflected in the mirror, otherwise the luck come into the house and immediately released.

not the best option, as the doors are located opposite each other.The so-called dispute doors lead to conflicts within the family.In order to eliminate possible problems hang a mirror or a picture next to one of the doors.The door should be opened inside the rooms and blend in size with dimensions of homes.

If you live in a private home, then make sure that the front of the main entrance of the trees did not grow lonely for the weather in the house, family well-being and stability.It is dangerous for the inhabitants of the house.Such trees is better to remove or move the door to a different location.

road from the threshold

bad if the entrance to the garage will replace your front door.Wicket quietly overgrown with weeds, and your quiet life will end very quickly.

People often do not understand where problems arise and why they piled them like a snowball.And this is a natural result of neglect to the main entrance.

road to the country house, should not rest on your door.Direct path leading to the front door - "a poisoned arrow."This malicious Energy made a lot of troubles, to live in such a house will be difficult.Direct rays of the road T-junction, power lines, lonely trees, square columns, corners of neighboring buildings - all this can be "poisoned arrows."

well in a country house even during the construction to provide a second door.Do not make the kitchen exit to the street.

bell suspended above the front door bell to prevent the negative impact of qi energy.The color combination of red ribbons and golden bells symbolize abundance and a huge success, and if it is present near the front door that attracts well-being in the house.


to Chinese coins has a yin yang and hand.On the yang - four characters for Yin - two.Tie coins red tape Jansky side up.Put them under the mat at the front door inside the apartment.On the eve of the New Year on the Chinese calendar bury the old coin and a new carpet put.So you attract money luck.

also need to be very cautious with charlatans or as in our opinion, the scammers.Currently, it is possible to see a lot of Chinese elements to the happiness and well-being in the home, which in fact are not real.Buy these items need to be only in specialized stores.

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