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What's new?

The main feature of the bedroom of the XXI century - is its special layout.As in all the other rooms, there is increasingly a rational minimalism reigns and, therefore, the revision of storage.Earlier in the bedroom was certainly a standard set of furniture (bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, dressing table with mirror and ottoman), now in this set is a compulsory subject only bed.Bedside tables often replaced small chest of drawers.In addition, modern bedroom may appear completely new, previously unseen (at least for us) inhabitants.

all inclusive!

Of course, if you have a very small bedroom, interior design will be reduced to one main idea: how to accommodate pokompaktnee attributes needed to sleep and store your clothes.Not for anything else, such a bedroom just physically can not claim.But if the size of the room allows, not bad at all to make their bedroom a versatile holiday destination.

new infrastructure bedrooms

❖ Dressing Room

This is either en-suite room, or separated by

this wall "angle" to the front door or a sliding partition for cubicle-compartments in which you store seasonal clothes.

❖ cozy reading corner

If you like to relax with a book, a better place than the bedroom, for the organization of the corner to be found.To do this, not necessarily to load your entire bedroom home library: Take a small book shelf put a couple of chairs with a floor lamp - and a cozy place finish.

❖ TV

Its better not to use too much, since the radiation from the screen is not particularly good for your health, and you are still sleeping through the night.

❖ Sport Fitness

In them you can practice at any time, without interfering with any of the home and without attracting attention.

❖ WC

Today it is the most fashionable "chip" - have a bathroom, not just adjacent to the bedroom, and all included in the room.

Ecology your sleep

Since the bedroom - a room in the apartment in which we spend much more time than the rest of its parts, also engaged mainly in that deep breathe the air of the room, it should be thoughton the finish and all the materials that we use.

Do not use:

♦ synthetic flooring (linoleum, laminate, carpet, etc.),

♦ furniture made of particleboard, MDF and plastic,

♦ vinyl wallpaper.


♦ parquet,

♦ paper wallpaper,

♦ Water-dispersive paint,

♦ sisal and rattan,

♦ natural carpets,

♦ wooden furniture upholstered in natural fabrics or genuine leather.

In addition, it is desirable to consider in the bedroom and forced air purification system, the benefit of modern climate control systems allow you to fight not only dust, but also harmful smog, comes to us from outside.Today, the most advanced and versatile device is the so-called split-system - multifunctional air conditioners, which in addition to the usual function (cold-heat ventilation) at the same time clean the air, and most importantly, it is moistened.Thanks to its dual device (a "box" is in your apartment, and the other, with a motor, outside the window) so the air conditioner operates almost silently.Apartment blocks are of different types: they may be placed on the floor, on the walls, in the false ceiling.Also, many of the modern split-systems possess such a useful function as self-regulation, save electricity, switched on and off remotely with a mobile phone and so on. D. The disadvantages of such systems include a high price (about 70 thousand), and a rather complex installation (desirable still under repair).However, for those who can not yet afford to technical innovations, we advise to do the old proven techniques.Regularly ventilate the room before going to bed in the bedroom and put more green plants.

little about furniture

Before loading the bedroom variety of functions (bedroom, library, cinema room, bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, and so on. D.), You should consider how it will be placed "three main pillars" on whichholds at least any interior: bed, a wardrobe and a mirror.

❖Spalnoe place

If the bedroom belongs to the couple, it is important that this area was, as far as possible, protected from prying eyes.Consider the location of your marital bed so that the front door did not open, "scenic" view of the bed, or rewound properly positioned mobile partition.Also, when choosing a place to bed you should consider the psychological comfort of its location.Psychologists do not recommend interior have bed directly at the window, put it in the middle of the room, or shoot into the corner.

If you are interested in current "sleeping" trend is by far the most interesting and is not jammed options - a large round bed (only suitable for large rooms) and bed-podium (indispensable solution for small narrow little room).

❖ Storage

If you want to keep up with time, try refuse of furniture in your bedroom.In the end, the main task of the furniture - to store your stuff, not necessarily present in the room.The interior design of a bedroom in an apartment is no place for casual or "mandatory" subjects.If you have a large room, it easily partitioned into a sleeping area and dressing room: it is the most advanced version to date.If the question for you to save space, actual, albeit a spacious wardrobe (or the whole media system) "hide" in one of the walls, fully occupying its area from floor to ceiling.Very convenient storage options - Attached to the wall ledge, shelf height of 1 m, which can circle the entire bedroom.

❖ Mirror

Today, it is not necessary to have a classic bedroom dresser.Alya women using cosmetics, is very convenient to find yourself a mirror in the vicinity of the window.The mirror is changing (upright) handy to have in the dressing room, in the closet door or on the wall next to him.

befriended fashion with the convenience!

Do not:

♦ use in the design of the bedroom more than three different colors;

♦ to make re-planning by integrating with the rest of the bedroom;

♦ paint or decorate the walls of the bedroom bright, glare materials (they quickly tired eyes);

♦ use in the bedroom open racks, shelves and other distractions from relaxing holiday items.What is important


♦ general color - light, and on this background bright color accents (pillows, blankets);

♦ wicker items and furniture (materials - vine, rattan and even strips of leather);

♦ lightweight forged headboards;

♦ simple styles of curtains (or blinds);

♦ white paper lights in the Japanese style - both desktop and floor;

♦ bright small rugs with high pile;

♦ mats and other products from natural fibers;

♦ variety of outdoor potted plants.

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