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How to organize the space in a small apartment

who drank from my cup?

Need to mark territory we inherited from our ancestors (according to Darwin!), When homo sapiens did not exist in nature.All the animals find their special zone, which zealously defend against intrusion of strangers - regardless of whether it is permanent or temporary shelter.Protect the nest - a manifestation of self-preservation instinct.After all, if have detached four walls, not afraid of no wind, no rain, and predators have little chance to get into this fortress.Noticed that when we stay at a resort in the new issue, first choose our bed for the vulnerable is our residence.In his apartment, too, leaves marks - decompose napkins, we arrange vases and trinkets.These things - not that other, as ways to grab yourself more space.It is unlikely that someone from the household supply close to your dog his favorite porcelain figurine.And, of course, we choose our room (if the area of ​​housing!) Or Equips own corner.

However, in Western Europe in a fashion different trend - not

to hide, and open, thus showing how to organize the space in a small apartment.And here comes the point of absurdity.Made bathrooms, toilets with glass doors.And in a particularly avant-garde interiors showers equip even in the living room and ... to the loggia.

Like, why should we hide it?However, this would seem to have a certain percentage of open expansion - so bizarre I announces to the world about themselves and expanding its zone of influence.Take a shower in the living room in front of friends or on the balcony in full view of passers-by - tacitly declare who was boss.

Chamber of Secrets: Trespassing?

However, personal territory - is not just a separate room.This lockable box, and the box, and a diary and contacts in the mobile, and even music.Noticed that teenagers love to include the full power of the recorder or putting on the headphones?This is also a demonstration of its sovereignty.By the way, psychologists in the concept of privacy (personal area) and includes the emotions and passions and tastes of each family member.In other words, to climb into the soul with irrelevant inquiries - is to break the private territory.

What consequences from such an invasion?Delve into someone else's box - then automatically displease its owner.The teenager, whose individual margins are ignored, may withdraw into themselves or, on the contrary, to be very challenging - to acquire bad habits, running away from home.Sensitive to the violation of personal territory and adults.Hence strife, bickering, boycotts - until the collapse of "cell of society."However, all the tensions over "My!Do not you dare take it! "Can be avoided by properly equip a cozy corner for everyone.

Divide and Conquer!

main creators of interior autonomy - partition.They will help you learn how to organize the space in a small apartment.Obstacles do not have to rise above the ceiling.It could be The low stenochki, and whatnot, and bookshelves, and large flower stands with an abundance of indoor plants, and even a chair or sofa.Mark for a cozy corner?Put next to a chair at the long back - and already feel in seclusion.By the way, the role of border guards can successfully execute and original items - a large floor vase, a funny soft toy.That is all that stops the eye and pulls you to the attention of others.Another conductor of personal space - well-built lighting.

Zonirovat room, you can use the central light, side lamps, floor lamps.Do you want to combine all - including the Grand chandelier on the ceiling.We need to think small islands - make the sconces, floor lamps, spot lights (light and shade clearly cordons will designate private property).Even outlines personal space color.Color, for example, in the gray-silver room of the wall in a green color scheme - and get a wonderful area for recreation.However, each room has its own secrets apartment comfort.


to feel good during dinner at the kitchen table, each family member should take his place, before all households agree among themselves - who will sit where.The right to choose the first is usually given to the owner or the person who is the principal in: apartment.Then the place looking for the second, third, "the commander" and so on, in order.(This pyramid - also comes from the world of animals Hierarchical exist in monkeys.) By the way, if the owner will give way to his guest, "throne" in the kitchen - it will show him special favor.And it certainly will feel the rest of the inhabitants of the apartment.

Living suggests
open space.However, it need separate islands - in fact there may be collected in the evenings for family gatherings in a close family circle.Someone will want to watch TV, someone - to read.Partitions in the room are unlikely to be appropriate.But the objects on the floor, wall and floor lamps, unusual color spots will divide it into several comfortable areas.By the way, in each apartment to do and the area for communication - where you can chat together with a guest or with each other.This can be a beautiful corner in the living room - with a small table and a couple chairs.As an option - can be equipped with a balcony.And, of course, must take into account the trajectory of the household.In areas of active movement is better not to put his chair - the eternal melteshenie will only irritate.

important point on the map apartment - office.The owner, of course, equip it to your liking.However, in most cases, gently pushes him to take a woman of interior solutions.And that is a common mistake many ladies.They somehow think that the head of the family need a solid dark furniture.This design method is already old-fashioned.Respectable man accentuate dark wall.And the furniture can be more bright colors.Women express their inner world by game textures and tactile contact.Therefore, in the room (the office of) the lady will be a lot of velvet, soft pillows, silk fabrics - all that creates a soft mood.

bedroom family
- usually a place for two.But this "we" should be heard both the "I".Architects are not advised to keep things spouses in the same cabinet.First, mix the smells - clothes, men and women of different fragrant.And secondly, opening the closet of the second half, we deprive it of the right to privacy.By the way, a very small percentage of spouses uncomfortable to sleep together.Someone comes home too late or frequently tossing and turning in his sleep - and his dearest half asleep too sensitive.It is not necessary to copy the weight and sleep separately - if not in different rooms, at least on different beds.A link between separated beds can be a big soft carpet - it adds an element of playfulness bedchamber and novelty.

Many carefully think through the personal territory adults, but completely forget about the younger generation of the family.Of course, wrong to put the baby on the place of honor, and indulge all his whims - he will grow big egoist.But, according to Teresa Majewski, respect the interests of children should be like your own.We noticed that little kids love to climb under the table, to design houses of the pillows?So they try to create a world corresponding to their size.Therefore, the space for play must be small.For example, the lower tier of a two-tier bed.Upstairs, the baby will sleep, and play bottom.Children's room can be very big, but you can put up a tent in the middle - and the crumb would be happy to mess with her dolls or toy cars.Cabinet for clothes and toys should be separate.Invalid keep things the child on the same shelf with the parent.If several children, is to provide for canisters or closet each.

place to study
must also be distinct.If you put several parties is unrealistic, it is possible to enclose the table or windowsill for a long occupation planochki fine or a stack of books.An important detail, which is overlooked by the parents - a place to socialize with peers.This is especially true of teenagers.But also children younger conversations with friends are on the agenda.Organize the room so that the children could tell each other their secrets.And then they will be eternally grateful to you for care, and emotional bond between you only get stronger.After all, the task of the family - not to isolate themselves and unite.