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Why bad headache?

look at this issue more deeply.Why have a headache?Why tense muscles?Along with stress, he does not play the main role, to blame ourselves.We take the "forbidden" posture of the head.If you try to avoid parasitic movements and postures we will be much less suffering from headaches.Now consider the movement and posture.

1. Try not to press his chin to his chest - then when lying down, when standing, reading, watching TV.In no event shall the chin should not be supported.

2. Try to sleep on a comfortable pillow, it should be neither low nor high, to the cervical spine is not curved, and stay straight.

3. When sitting do not slouch, do not lean on the armrests.When the arms are raised high, while the muscles of the scalp and neck strain.

4. When working at the computer and reading not sit long with a tilted head.Take tablets cough.

5. When you are angry or excited, do not wrinkle the forehead, eyebrows and frown.

Do not try to grasp at once the tablet.It can help a walk in the fresh air, warm bath, p

hysical workout muscles of the neck and upper body muscles, self-massage the muscles of the forehead, temple, neck.Before going to bed, drink warm milk with honey, sweet tea with motherwort, lemon balm, valerian, all this will give you the relaxation of muscles, and as a result - to get rid of a headache.If it does not work, you should take an analgesic, but for people not accustomed to the drug, taking it necessary, not more than 1-2 times a week.

Migraine.Headache, pain throbs.Often the pain is very intense, accompanied by nausea.Lasts attack from 4 hours to 3 days.If you are not a strong twinge of aspirin, paracetamol, Nurofen.In severe pain, help triptans, developed group of drugs for migraine.It is due to overwork, eating smoked meat, chocolate, spices, hard cheeses, sparkling and red wines, as is due to deficiency of sleep.It is necessary to use the vasodilating drugs such as aminophylline, no-spa, and others.
When severe pain developed group of drugs for migraine, triptans help.

should be referred to a neurologist about migraine and need to remember that the headache may be a symptom of other more serious diseases.