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The most useful food


salt are mixed.Without it, any food seems bland, but doctors strongly recommend limiting salt intake.Salt tends to trap moisture, causing increased blood volume.This usually leads to an increase in blood pressure, and hence the salt is contraindicated for people having problems in this area.But it turns out that people eat no more than 9d.of salt per day, which can greatly affect the mood.It may be reasonable to give up too salty food, but hardly needed to deprive themselves completely of salt.


believed that eggs affect the increase in cholesterol in the blood, and therefore is extremely harmful.Cholesterol is necessary for us to form new cells, it is produced by the body.Thus some of the cholesterol fed with food.Eggs - one of those products, which contains the highest amount of the substance, because many are afraid to consume them.But in fact, dietary cholesterol is less dangerous than the one that is formed in the body.It is cholesterol, which produces liver, deposited on the walls
of blood vessels, but not one that we consume.Therefore it is important not to create a deficit of cholesterol, that is to use products that contain it - it's not hard to make the body produce cholesterol.


The benefits of vitamins is said not enough.They are used all - both children and adults, there is a need or not.But an excess of even the most nutrients can create a serious health problem.Most of the essential vitamins we receive daily with food if some substances accumulate too much, the appointment of extra vitamins can cause various disorders.For example, an excess of vitamin A can significantly influence the development of the fetus in pregnant women and cause deviations.A surplus of vitamin C often causes intestinal disorders.Therefore, vitamins, like any other medication, should appoint a doctor.

Raw foods.

Raw food has become very popular over the last few years.It is believed that the products that have not undergone thermal treatment, contain the greatest amount of useful substances.But not all of these substances are equally well absorbed by the body in its raw form.If vitamin C easily gets to us with oranges in their raw form, the carotene is not metabolized in the right quantity, if the carrot does not boil.Raw as grains and pasta - is not healthy food, but in vain sacrifices for the sake of fashion myths.The best way out - intelligently combine raw foods - fruits and vegetables with treated - grain, meat and dairy.


There is a saying: "breakfast eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy."In an effort to preserve the shape or lose weight, many take these words at face value, completely abandoning dinners.But this leads to a totally unnecessary victims.The body does not divide the calories by the morning or evening, it is important for the amount of substances produced, not the time.The best choice is a balanced diet, in which there is no abrupt transition from hunger to satiety.That is, you need to eat 4 - 5 times a day in small portions.Refuse is useful only on very late snacking, as it is not recommended to go to bed earlier than after 2 hours after a meal - it's hard to digest.

fashion diet and different ways of power are changing very often.Each of the systems is called the best, most effective and safe.And each of them has flaws.Useful food - this food with reasonable restrictions, which is used without extremes.The only way to create a truly useful diet that does not complicate the disease and do not spoil the shape.

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