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What causes lack of iron in the body

As there is a lack of iron in the body.
most common cause of iron deficiency in humans is chronic blood loss.The most typical cases of blood loss leading to iron deficiency, are abundant and prolonged menstruation, diseases of the digestive system (stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, erosive gastritis, cancers of stomach and intestines), frequent nasal, pulmonary, renal hemorrhage.

emergence of iron deficiency may be due to increased demand for this item in the period of growth and maturation, pregnancy, breastfeeding.
rise to iron deficiency also results in insufficient intake of this element in the diet at a disorderly poor nutrition and malabsorption of iron in the digestive tract.

effects of an iron deficiency
Iron deficiency leads to anemia, cardiovascular disease, dizziness, indigestion, fatigue, headaches.

What causes iron deficiency in pregnant women?
answer is quite disappointing: almost 50% of pregnant women with iron deficiency is observed the second half of pregnancy toxemia.In additio
n, 10% of pregnant women with iron deficiency often occur preterm birth than women who had normal iron content.Mothers with a lack of iron in the body often give birth to babies with lower body mass index.

Iron deficiency early in life has permanent effects on biochemical processes in the brain.With a significant lack of iron in the body in infants undesirable consequences may be irreversible.

Thus, violation, which results in a lack of iron in the body of a woman can be very dangerous for her own health and for her unborn child.Therefore, preventive measures for prevention of iron deficiency should be given the utmost attention.

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