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Food for female beauty

In nature, many delicious products for female beauty.Eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, berries, you can choose not only their health problems, but also to become beautiful and healthy.You need to know this, which are products of their effect on the body.

Beautiful and firm breasts. products with a high content of boron - nuts, fruits, beans and cabbage, improve breast shape.Products that contain manganese - fresh seafood, raisins, spices, make breast elastic.

Aloe beauty eye and face.
aloe plant prolongs life and improves health.If you make a poultice from the pulp of aloe, after removing it from the peel, the skin is radiant and the complexion is healthy and fresh.The mask from the pulp of aloe protects the face from acne.It is recommended to apply the mask on the face and on the neck and décolleté.If you drink 1 tablespoon of aloe juice before a meal, the food will be digested well.

Elastic buttocks.
If the body lacks vitamins, and it takes away from the connective tissue collagen and for
m cellulite.It is necessary to have fresh fruit 4 times a day.In this case the effective fresh pineapple.Pineapple stimulate the body's production of collagen.The pineapple contains natural fat burner - bromelain.Pineapple strengthens the immune system, it helps normalize weight, eliminates toxins from the body, makes a woman desirable and attractive, restores the lost sexuality.Be happy in love, and eat pineapple.

Oatmeal - food for a real woman.
The best hair tonic is oatmeal.Hair restores natural strength, is shiny and smooth, healthy, no longer break.Oatmeal cleanses the intestines and stomach, removes the harmful substances.

In nature, a lot of products that can make a woman healthy and beautiful.You can even recall some products for women's health and beauty.

- enough for 40 grams a day to eat cottage cheese, cottage cheese will make the lips soft and smooth.
- nuts and fish will help to get rid of pimples.
- carrots are good for the hair and improves vision, and improve the skin.
- bananas can help moisturize and soften skin.
- sheep cheese will give your nails healthy color and strength.
- soy products strengthen the hair follicles.

From the article "Food for female beauty," you know what products need to be used for health and beauty.

Be beautiful!We wish you a slim figure, soft skin, silky hair, bright eyes, elastic forms and bon appetit!