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How to remove a toothache at home?

cause of pain

reasons for which the tooth can get sick a lot, so to independently determine the source of the trouble is difficult.The tooth may be ill both because of inflammation in the bone tissue and gums, as well as because of damage to the jaw tissues.The most common cause of trouble getting cavities, in which the inflamed pulp or nerve.Typically, the affected tooth reacts to hot and cold food.
often occur during prolonged pain and other symptoms of inflammation - swelling of the lips, gums or cheeks, headache, weakness, fever.

Emergency Assistance

If toothache caught you at an inopportune time, it is necessary to facilitate by any means its state.First of all, welcome painkillers such as analgin, baralgin, ketanov, Nurofen.They not only appeased the pain, but also a little bit reduce inflammation.However, these drugs in any case can not be considered treatment.Even after taking the medicine once the pain is gone and will not be returned for a day, you should visit your dentist, or inflam

mation of the tooth will occur hidden and can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences.

addition, you need to brush your teeth before receiving a doctor to refuse food, especially if the sore tooth noticeable hole.If bits of food get into it, it will cause another bout of pain.In order to disinfect the oral cavity, dentists recommend a mouth rinse with a solution of baking soda and salt.

can relieve toothache and propolis.To do this, drip a few drops on a cotton wool of the drug, and then applied to the aching tooth.Typically, the pain goes away after 15-30 minutes.But be careful - the excess propolis can damage mucous membranes.

Help pregnancy lactation

known that pregnant and lactating women do not recommend the use of potent painkillers, so with a toothache has to fight in other ways.When severe pain let a single reception of paracetamol, but it relieves the pain slightly, so we recommend an early visit to a doctor.

An alternative solution can be rinse furatsilina or 3% hydrogen peroxide.Many are folk remedies.For example, you can reduce the pain, tied to the wrist a few cloves of garlic.Tying the garlic you need to the hand from which a toothache.Assist and rinse decoction of sage or applying to the aching tooth fleece with drops "Dent."But all this brings only short-term relief.

Many tightened access to a doctor because they fear even more pain in the treatment or removal of the tooth.But modern drugs can carry out all the procedures virtually painless.Doctors use local anesthesia with drugs lidocaine and articaine, they are allowed to use even during pregnancy and lactation.Therefore, even the removal of a tooth, not to mention the treatment will take place without pain and discomfort.Keep in mind that the sooner you see a doctor, the smaller will be the consequences and easier treatment.In general, preventive inspection of the teeth and gums should be held not less than once every six months.This will help to avoid acute dental pain and fix potential problems in the beginning.