Health // Proper nutrition

A beautiful figure in a short time

in your diet to include only green vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms, fruits, berries, dairy products, oats and buckwheat bread and, of course, but only from wheat flour.

When you wake up, drink the glass of water or diluted fruit juice.Fluid helps cleanse the body of toxic substances that accumulate per night.Your breakfast should only take place after the procedure, approximately 20-30 minutes.

monitor the level of protein.Take to eat more fish products, dairy and lean meat, dishes of beans and soybeans.

Twice a week, become a vegetarian.Eat mushrooms, peppers or eggplants.I think you noticed that most vegetarians have a beautiful figure, as they do not take the meat food.And because of this they save thousands of calories a week.So I think you can, to reach perfection beautiful figure.

Limit yourself to herbs and spices, as they cause a feeling of hunger.

Bread should only be made of ferrous varieties.

Never snack, it can lead to overweight.If you can not afford to refuse this substitute your snac
ks unsalted nuts, fruits or vegetables.You can also pamper yourself a little piece of dark chocolate from him you will not be worse, and the feeling of hunger, you can dull.

If you are used to eat before going to bed and you can not handle it, eat only low-calorie food.But in any case, do not eat two hours before going to bed.

Before you go to the grocery store be sure to eat.

eat need to, slowly, slowly chewing food, so you will come a feeling of fullness.

Weighed need only in the morning on an empty stomach.Thus, you can monitor your weight loss and you no longer have the motivation to achieve a beautiful figure for a small time.

month you will be able to remove from your figure about five or six kilograms.And without any casualties and violence against himself and his body.

Now you will have a beautiful figure in a short time!