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How to care for plants?

How to care for plants?First you need to think about placing houseplant at home.We must avoid extremes in the distribution, you should not only think about the aesthetic side of the issue, but also suitable for plant growth conditions.Two important components of both aesthetics and an optimal combination of light and temperature conditions must be present steadily when placing houseplants.Usually, the plants put on a windowsill or near a window.But there is a completely different way of decorating your home, for example to put the fern in the bath, he calmly relates to a darkened room.

can put a flower in the corridor, but there is even a shade tolerance feel uncomfortable, but it is also possible to find a way out, purchase a specialized flower shop special devices artificial lighting.Most plants grow best when they are illuminated, but protected from direct sunlight.Except for shade-loving plants.

And it's nice to have a home a cozy garden , which will decorate your home, and you prove yourse

lf as a real grower.First you need to choose a glass container, the size can be completely different.Only need to remember that the magnitude of the neck will depend on how comfortable you will be planted to plants, and later take care of them.

vessel should be closed, it will allow the plant to be protected from drafts, and you maintain a certain humidity.What plants to plant in the greenhouse depends on you what you want to bring to your normal lifestyle and interior of the house.Away from the light sources can be planted ferns and other plants with green flowers.If your choice has fallen on the window, then you have to buy orchids, various arts and sheeted plants that need direct sunlight.

One of the important actions after acquisition houseplant, preparation for landing. have to begin laying gravel on the bottom of the selected vessel, and on top of a thin layer of charcoal.Then put soil mix based on peat, also depending on the chosen vessel.In order to accurately put all the layers, it is necessary to use the funnel, folded cardboard.Seal the soil mixture with a cotton swab, and then create the appearance of a miniature garden, laying on top of the stones, not wood.

Before planning the landscape, do a preliminary sketch on a piece of paper that you want to see.And then begin to pretend life has drawn landscape.

next stage - landing.A la lowering plant in a container need old spoon tied to twig.Dug a small hole with a spoon, gently down the plant and with the help of the same spoon leveled soil.Seal the soil will help a cotton swab on the end of a thin stick.Watering should be a plant from watering can with a long spout.When watering, do not immediately close the lid.We have to wait for some time, when the water is absorbed into the soil, and only then close the container.In the future, you can not water a plant, t. To. In the vessel creates a self-regulating system.

Another factor in the courtship of the plants, lighting. Lighting is an essential source of energy, in which plants produce carbohydrates necessary for their growth.

very demanding to light all the variegated plants, if they are put in the shade, they may lose some of its decorative effect, as the leaf color may fade.

most common pritenyayut all tropical plants during the growing season, it is required at this point stray light.In the context of uneven lighting, more often it happens, when the plants are on the window sill, they should be rotated from time to time.This is especially true of light-loving plants (geraniums, hydrangea), or they can grow one-sided.

temperature regime, it is necessary to maintain as well as lighting.For the bulk of indoor plants suitable Temperature: 15-21S, which corresponds to an average temperature of premises.In the winter period can occur supercooling plants if the room temperature falls.Later, it will affect the growth of plants, some may fall in the buds and leaves.And in the worst case, the plant may even die.In the summer may also have problems because of the heat, the plants can be burned on the hot rays of the sun.Because of this, it is necessary to strictly monitor the temperature in the room where the plants.

soil for plants to be high-quality, nutritious, air- and water-permeable.There are two types of land mixture: clayey-turf and peat.Clay and turf consists of a mixture of loam with the addition of peat and sand.Peat mixture of peat-based, but there is too little nutrient mixtures.Some plants do not fit these mixtures, such as for azaleas, begonias, they acquired a special mixture.

Humidity may be maintained by spraying.To do this, use warm water, so she did not leave on the leaves of plants lime.It is necessary to avoid spraying when the plant is directed to direct sunlight, otherwise the plant can burn.

Watering for each plant plays a different role, but each is important.Without water, no plant will not survive by buying the plant should immediately consult the seller how and how many times a day or week should be watered plants.You can not pour like a plant, never pour water into the soil.

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