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Kalanchoe medical

Judge for yourself, our biologists have found in the juice of Kalanchoe: flavonoids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, trace elements, organic acids (acetic, oxalic, citric, malic acid) and vitamin C. Not many know, unfortunately, that the leaves of the above two typesIt can be used in food.The leaves are well washed, cut into small pieces and add to potato salads and vinaigrettes.

If someone like the taste of Kalanchoe, it may finely chopped leaves add chopped fresh cucumber, more suitable avocado, peeled, cut into small cubes.Supplement your vitamin salad teaspoon of lemon juice and any vegetable oil.

Kalanchoe is especially recommended those who suffer from periodontitis and gingivitis .That complex of substances contained in the plant, reduces bleeding gums and reduces inflammation in the oral mucosa has a beneficial effect.

is useful to juice Kalanchoe irrigation of the mouth.Its just cook: Wash the lower leaves of Kalanchoe, cut into slices and squeeze through cheesecloth or through a juicer.Syr

inge do irrigation, better to take a disposable syringe, after brush your teeth twice a day.Every day it is desirable to prepare fresh juice.

Massaging the gums is possible, with the middle finger dipped in the fresh juice of Kalanchoe.Hands, of course, be pretreated with alcohol.If the procedures are carried out daily, the condition of the gums necessarily improve.

As of Kalanchoe and aloe cook « biogenic stimulant »?We need 12 days to put the cut leaves in the fridge on the bottom shelf.In conditions of low temperature and darkness in the leaves start to cut special substances produced that are able to activate many vital processes in the body, increase the body's defenses.

juice from the leaves of Kalanchoe that have passed such treatment here, buried in the nose of 3-5 drops before you leave the house.Perhaps such a drop could save you from the "cold" once.

Useful properties of Kalanchoe used for the prevention of influenza .Need 2 drops into each nostril instilled 2 times a day.For colds throat Kalanchoe juice to mix with water in half and several times a day, gargle
When tuberculosis juice Kalanchoe ingest half teaspoon, diluted with water 3 times.Take 2 times daily after meals.

varicose veins foot rub tincture Kalanchoe.To prepare a tincture: fill half a bottle of 0.5 liter cutting leaves of Kalanchoe and pour the brim with vodka, or 70% alcohol.A bottle put in a dark place, shaking occasionally.Within a week tincture is ready.Rub need evening foot, moving from the feet to the knees and above.The legs are in pain right away, but to disappear mesh veins need to repeat the procedure for 4 months in a row.

Kalanchoe, incidentally with what can not be confused.The notch in the adult leaves of Kalanchoe appear brood buds - kids.Every baby is a kind of future "room ginseng."Leaves with the children tear and a convex bottom side up, laid out in a box with soil from each other at a distance of 10-20 centimeters.

Six weeks, these kids have time to stretch up to 10 cm and get a 4-6 leaves.Now they can be planted in pots individual.Grooming plants can hope for a good harvest of winter vitamin salads.

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