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Calendula, or Calendula officinalis - a miracle

very successful fake .Pretty similar to orange daisies calendula already unusual in that it has two very official title - the actual calendula, and Calendula officinalis.Where "profits" to her second funny nickname - is unknown.Not that bright petals someone reminded carmine red nail polish beautiful women, or plant seeds seemed like hooks cat claws.But it lives under the two names.

Medicinal properties
marigold or Calendula officinalis - a miracle has long been known.But she became famous thanks ... swindlers trading in spices.The fact that its marginal reed petals resemble the stigma of a crocus species - the precious saffron.Since the saffron sold (and this is not a metaphor) its weight in gold, enterprising businessmen have become a substitute for saffron marigold or Calendula officinalis.Expand fraud could only throwing a few "threads" spices in water.The water-soluble dye saffron easily attached content jug orange.The waters, which fall marigold petals or Calendula officinalis, the color does

not change.By the way, fans and lovers of rare spices useful to know that in our time "saffron" in fact often Calendula.But fat and dairy sauces, rice and hot painted them almost identically - kalendulin (colorant marigold) formidable soluble in fat.Despite the "plebeian" origin, the taste of dishes influenced psevdoshafran most favorable way.And, most interestingly, the well-being of those who served this dish.There is even the view that some of the medicinal properties of saffron wrongly attributed to him.And in fact, they belong to, or calendula Calendula officinalis - a miracle.Such is the successful "fake"!

For beauty and health
.The most serious research or calendula Calendula officinalis has been subjected as a remedy against inflammation.Decoction of its flowers were treated and treat stomatitis and tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis, sore throat, and periodontal disease.For the treatment of skin lesions and has long been used Nogotkova oil.To cook goat butter or unsalted pork fat mixed with marigold flowers and heated.Then the flowers are removed.Today, drugstores healing ointments and creams on the basis of calendula.And her spirit infusions as an antiseptic in the most different "vavkah" is used all over the country.

not hurt anyone
.But consider calendula - orange miracle is only external agents wrong!Tinted nails creams and sauces so positively influenced gourmet past because calendula has a strong choleretic action.Therefore tea made from its flowers are successfully used in diseases of the gall bladder.And the "red-haired Daisy" has antispasmodic, sedative effect.Therefore, it may be used to relieve any pain associated with spasms of hollow organs - and intestinal colic in babies, and suffering from overeating in adults.Action marigold antispasmodic explains how and why traditional medicine strongly recommended calendula painful menstruation.

Colors oil
delicate color ... A curious fact: in front of the big market days our ancestors tinted Calendula oil.Get and attractive and useful.In some places, marigolds still called oil color.But even more beautiful sounds "golden color".Very much a nickname to face calendula!