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Caring for orchids at home

Orchid flowers like work of art.Her beauty is so impressive that some countries have erected it in the rank of its character - it is, for example, Hong Kong and Venezuela.Most species of orchids can be found in the tropics, as it is a tropical plant.Growing orchids, attaching themselves to the trunks of trees.This flower is so distinctive and beautiful that often becomes collectible or gives the name of different companies.So the word "orchid" is present in the names of numerous marriage agencies, manufacturers and dealers of underwear, cosmetics, etc.

Price of orchids is not small, but the flowers are worth.And now we have the opportunity to enjoy them every day, growing them on your windowsill.Because orchids quite whimsical.Here are a few facts about orchids:

  • Orchid except Antarctica, growing at absolutely all continents.
  • To get the pollen, the flowers of some species of orchids are similar to the female insects.Thus, these males are lured insect pollination occurs.
  • Phalaenopsis - this type o
    f orchids that grow most easily.It is this kind and distributed as the orchid room.
  • famous vanilla food - it is nothing like Vanilla extract - one of the species of orchids.
  • But what Orchid - flower number one for festive decoration of premises, it is a fact known to all.

In the world there are about thirty-five thousand species of orchids.But the beauty of this flower does not sleep breeders, and to date has derived many artificial hybrids.

If you want to grow orchids at home, you should stock up on pots or boxes.On the walls and on the bottom do punctures.Then pour drainage is best expanded clay and bark, and the best is the pine bark.Then covered with earth.Done.Watering orchids is best clean or filtered demineralized water.And do not forget about the additional food fertilizer at least once a month.To do this, one gram of fertilizer mix with one liter of water.

I would like to talk about some of the properties of the orchid.It turns out that the orchid is also very good for your health.It has a huge impact on our emotional impact on our mood.Well, first of all, of course, its aesthetic appearance.Different colors of this plant in many ways can influence us.But this effect is very gentle, unobtrusive.And it happens, even if not yet bloomed flower.

White Orchid is able to influence our creative inclinations.It inspires and stimulates human creativity.It raises questions about how we do not cause anyone harm their behavior.It opens all pure manifestations of the soul.Therefore, white orchid very well give the artist, poet, musician, any creative person, whose works bear the sadness or negative.

Yellow orchid inspire creativity, give energy and inspiration.

same effect and has dark red orchid.It calls for action, because would be appropriate as a gift to any slowness or long thinking person.

What flower choose for themselves - it is a matter of taste.When choosing not forget that is important not only the color but the size of the plant.Orchid room in the inflorescence can reach more than two meters high, the ability to create the necessary temperature and humidity - all you need to consider when purchasing an orchid.But all the work, efforts will be repaid with interest when your gift will make room Orchid - blossom.And you realize that everything you did was not in vain.

potted orchids flowering period of about six months.Not a long time, but this time it will give you the most beautiful feelings, moods and emotions.