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Houseplants: soleyroliya

as a decorative element it is placed in vases and pots on the weight and standing on the floor of containers.Since soleyroliya spread along the ground, that is. E. A groundcover, it can be good to use for decoration composition.If you put it into a common pot with other plants that are larger it is, after a while, all the topsoil will be closed soleyroliey.It is not necessary to put it near the lower plants, at least that below it, because it can simply their "smother".Many believe that these houseplants soleyroliya also neutralize harmful radiation that comes from computers, televisions and other equipment.However, it should be noted that this plant is sensitive to the environmental conditions of the room in which there is.It grows poorly in gassy, ​​smoke-filled room, t. E. Where the environmental situation is unfavorable.

care of plants.

Lighting. Soleyroliya - plants that tolerate artificial light.Under such lighting, they can all year round, making them rare and favorite plants from florists.I

ts pleasant appearance of this plant is not lost.Although possible, of course, better to put a natural and a little ambient light, but avoid the rays from the sun.In winter, this plant requires a lot of light - this is where it comes in handy, and a tolerant attitude to the artificial light.With regard to the parts of the world where there is room to grow these plants, and in this soleyroliya not very fastidious: it is resistant to even the northern side, in contrast to many other plants.

temperature. As for temperature, the summer soleyroliya feeling well at warm temperatures, but not too hot, not more than 20-22S.During the winter should be moved to a room with a temperature not lower than 10-15C.

soil. If we talk about the land, the soleyroliya prefers neutral or slightly acid soil.Its composition may be comprised of sod land with small pebbles, pebbles can be replaced by medium sands.It also grows well in hydroponics and the resin substrate.

watering. watering should pay special attention.What kind of concrete advice on does not exist.The frequency and volume of watering must be adjusted individually, should focus on humidity earthen clod containing soleyroliyu: it should be moderately moist.If you dry up the land, the plant will die instantly.However, the excess water also should not be allowed.Therefore we can not allow any peresushki no accumulation of water in the pan.Water the plant from below, at the base.In warmer months, it is good to spray the plant and do it often is desirable.Water should be at room temperature to settle.At a time when the plant is actively growing, it should be fed.The frequency of feeding, about once every three weeks.If the feed soleyroliyu ready fertilizers for flowers, it will delight abundant, beautiful, lush greenery.

transplant. replanting soleyroliya not in principle require.This can be done in case little space in the plant pot, and it can be transplanted into the larger container.

reproduction. soleyrolii cope with reproduction even those who only became interested in flowers.It is necessary to separate the small lumps of earth, a few pieces, which contain stem of the mother plant and place them on a moist substrate in a new capacity.The entire surface of the container will be filled with young green leaves soleyrolii within a short period of time.

Possible difficulties.

  • It should avoid overly dry air and peresushki land, it can lead to the fact that the leaves begin to wither, shrivel and eventually wither and the plant may die.
  • soleyrolii If not enough light, the plant grows poorly, the stalks are drawn, and leaves the color dim.
  • If you do not hide from direct sunlight, then the leaves appear silvery-brown spots.But when too much moisture leaves turn yellow, they wither and the plant dies.

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