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Houseplants: poinsettia

Poinsettia - highly decorative plant.In people, this plant was given the title "Christmas Star", this is due to the fact that it begins to bloom in December, on the eve of Christmas.

first poinsettia judges were the Aztecs called it cuetlaxochitl.White juice poinsettia Aztecs used to combat fever.A red bracts were as a natural dye for fabric and even cosmetics.

In the US learned about the beautiful Euphorbia due diligence John. R. Poinsett County, who was a botanist and physician (1779-1851).Poinsett County in 1828 was in Mexico, there and saw for the first time and immediately poinsettia sent some samples to South Carolina in his greenhouse, where on arrival began to multiply samples and sent to the botanical gardens.In the commercial production of the plant got in 1830 and over time has become a popular plant called poinsettia (poinsettia).In America, there was a tradition to buy for Christmas poinsettia, this tradition passed on from there to Europe.

Features care.

plants: poinsettia grows well

in bright ambient light, without direct contact with the sun's rays.In the summer the plant is better to make the open fresh air (to the garden, to the balcony), but you need to take care of the protection of plants from drafts, rain, sun.If it is impossible to make poinsettia fresh air, the room should be regularly ventilated.Since the end of September should take care of lighting mode and then to the New Year poinsettia blossom.As soon begins to get dark, the plant need to be covered with polyethylene dark (light through it should not fall) and open only in the morning.Thus, the "dark" period must be at least 12 hours a day, but not more than 14 hours.Such a regime should be observed about 8 weeks, after which you can return to normal care.Long lighting inhibits the formation of buds, but accelerates the growth of leaves.Approximately three weeks after such a "dark" period for plant produces flower buds.If further poinsettia contain in this mode, it will begin to blossom bracts bright.

Flowering occurs in winter period at this time, the temperature should be around 14-16 degrees.But during the rest poinsettia should be in a room with a temperature of 14 degrees.The rest period is considered the optimum temperature of 18-25 degrees.

Watering should be abundant, as the soil dries poverskhostny.In winter, watering is moderate, the soil should always be slightly moist, so do not let overdrying and waterlogged.

period of dormancy poinsettia pronounced.Once fallen down bracts, the plant is immersed in the short vacation, which lasts about 2 months.During this period, watering must be reduced, thus avoid overdrying final substrate.The plant in this period is better kept at 12-14 degrees and at a sufficiently high humidity.When these indoor plants bloom, should regularly spray the leaves with lukewarm water (soft defended).

after a period of rest to start a poinsettia blossom, you need to take care of a regular feeding, namely the feed mineral fertilizer in spring and autumn every two weeks.

repot the plant poinsettia can be spring every year.In March, the stems should be cut by 1/3 and put in a warm place for a window with lots of natural light.After pruning should remain on the stem from three to five of the strongest buds.Watering at this time should be a little warm water.Once the leaves appear, the plant should be transplanted into a pot that size must be greater than the former.The land should be slightly acidic (pH 6).You can take part the following ground: clayey-turf ground (3chasti), sheets (2 parts), sand (1 part) and peat (1 part).Good drainage should be mandatory.After the dive the plant put in a warm place, and then begin to spray liberally and water.Through time, will form new shoots, from which you want to leave only 5-6 strongest shoots, while others should be removed.Clipped shoots can be used as cuttings for propagation.

bush to look neat and compact, it is necessary to follow and not to let the stems grow bare and long.If it does this happen, the shoots should be shortened again.

Poinsettia - plants that reproduce apical cuttings in spring.Harvested stalks must have at least 5 interstitials.When the cut stalks, appear latex - latex, it must be by means of blotting paper to remove, then slice sprinkled with crushed charcoal.With copious latex stalk is placed in cold water for a short time, and then sprinkled with charcoal.This prevents the cuttings from rotting, because latex occludes vessels, thereby inhibiting the healing of "wounds", besides may cause various infections.Cuttings rooted in loose moist substrate (peat and sand, taken in equal parts), or in water.To better rooted cuttings can use growth stimulants.During this period, the temperature should be around 24-28 degrees, container cuttings should always ventilate and spray.A month later, the roots appear and then the young shoots can be transplanted into small pots.If the plant is grown from cuttings, then it should be cut for a better branching.

probable complexity.

  • excessive waterlogging, as well as the lack of moisture, as well as the lack of light causes the leaves to wilt and may even fall off them.
  • low temperature or drafts lead to leaf fall, with no signs of decay are observed.
  • Hot, dry air is the reason that the blossoms fall off, and the edges of the leaves turn yellow or become brown.
  • damages: thrips, mealybugs, spider mites.

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