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Garik Martirosyan and his family

In January, 10 years old, we met with Jeanne.She came to the festival KVN from Stavropol to support the team of the university, and I'm with "new Armenians" has arrived in Yerevan.During a party, we happened to be at the same table.The whole evening talking, but never exchanged phone numbers.Then Jeanne immediately went to take exams.New meeting occurred much later, at the next festival KVN again in Sochi.And then we do not leave.

What baby?
In 2000, we decided to get married.We've had two weddings, one in Yerevan - for the family and relatives, and the other in Cyprus - youth.In Cyprus, it happened suddenly: we went to a concert and we had a lot of time.The wedding was fun too, absolutely not similar to others.Imagine: September, Cyprus 35 degree heat, the team "New Armenians" in its entirety.Tables were standing near the huge swimming pools, three meters from us lapping Mediterranean.All guests of the evening were in swimming trunks.And I undressed.But Jeanne held firmly until the morning was 5 in a
wedding dress.
Jasmine in your family came much later.
Yes, the child we have long dreamed of but would like to have it, only when become financially secured.We finally got his own apartment.And then - and little daughter.By the way, Zhasminka was born on August 20 she sign Leo.Jeanne was eager that the child was "young lions".She really likes this sign, she mom - also Lev.We never really planned.

remember the feeling from the first meeting with the baby?
I saw her one and a half hours after she was born.I then knew nothing.I do not realize that our life has changed.Think more about what the state of Jeanne.I remember how we carried daughter: she was very small.Very very.Even less than three kilograms.I did not expect that it will be so tiny.And when we saw Jasmine, why at once began to cry.

initially had other assistants?
first assistant was my mother, who had come specially for the granddaughter of Yerevan.Then my mother came from Joan of Sochi.Then the nurse has already appeared.Because all exhausted.Pleasures of sleepless nights we have experienced together: a little less than I, Jeanne - much more.The first year was difficult in general.Zhasminka - a restless child, and in comparison with the way it was in the beginning, is now all very good.Your life has changed dramatically with the birth of a child?Previously, Jeanne went with me on all tours.Now she can not do this.Yes, and I was forced to abandon the long journeys.Because it's impossible.And now touring wear, say so, "dot character," two or three times a month.

you are so afraid to leave them alone?
This is the first thing.Secondly, tired of all these journeys, flights, hotels some.There is a house, period.Maybe I save up energy and ... take her daughter on a tour.
She sings a lot.Her favorite toys - musical.There is a small piano with a microphone, and she sings in the microphone.No one, in my opinion, that it is not taught.He knows by heart all the songs of the "Factory".She bought the disc - she learned.George Michael performs.And Paul McCartney.Yes seriously!While I do not know whether she had the rumor, but the rhythm feels good.And she reads poetry, determines the colors, distinguish shapes.Many paints - more of some fish, walruses and seals.Now Jasmine knows some letters and can write numbers.Not all:
«All children develop differently, What is the difference - a child learn the letters in two or three years?»

Only those who enjoy - one, four, toe.When Zhasminka spoke?To be honest, we do not remember.But, she was not exactly there.It struck us so!In one day, said several words - mom, dad, and even the names of favorite toys.Singing and talking, by the way, she began almost simultaneously.Then, a year and a half, it is reproduced from memory a poem that we read to her.Just could not believe that such a small child can remember so much!
By the way, I recently taught her a poem.But after we have ceased to repeat, Jasmine completely forgotten it.Because it is long and complex.
As for this poem?In the Armenian language.I think that Jasmine should know Armenian.Russian and so it is better to learn Armenian.It is necessary to enable it to understand, speak and write in Armenian.
is useful if it is, I do not know.But I think that she also will teach their children.

proud Taim able pebёnkom?
No, it's more fun.All children develop differently.What is the difference - a child learn the letters in two or three years?
Yes, it is a great mischievous.Fights, has little children.When she first hit someone on the site, we thought that this accident happened.We scolded her badly explained - so do not.We naively thought that she understood.But it does not end.She began to cheat: dulls our vigilance - suitable for a child and starts stroking, hugging.And as soon as we turn away, be sure to knock ... We are very ashamed another child is not so much pain, how much resentment starts to cry.We very much hope that it will soon pass Jasmine.And at home her keep an eye.Zhasminka recently started watching cartoons.But for the most part it is not so much looking at the screen, as discussed just seen - laughing, yelling with pleasure.The sea of ​​emotions.They wanted to take her to the puppet theater - did not dare, because the show will break!

If you leave for two weeks with Jasmine - theoretically, you can handle?
course not.I even three hours a child can not be trusted.But I always fit it to bed.I put her drive George Michael Ladies and Gentlemen.Selecting a chance - when we put Frank Sinatra, she did not fall asleep to it.We tried many performers.There is another option - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky "Waltz of the Flowers."
How do you plan to celebrate New Year?
We do not know, did not have time to think.

How met last New Year?
I do not remember.So it went well.Usually we begin to celebrate at home.And then my wife and I were going somewhere.You see, I do not remember where.So was a real New Year.
Let the New Year in our country many children will be born.And every woman can have as many children as he wants.Nothing should restrict a woman in this desire.Because when a child is born, the world turns.Becoming a mother, a woman becomes a kinder, nicer, wiser.But most importantly - to close to each woman was her favorite man, who will protect the peace and quiet of his family.

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