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The famous music video Ukraine: Katya Tsarik

Having started his career as a director on the television channel 1 + 1 this girl confidently walked down the winding road to success.Even then, she was making plans for the implementation of their own projects.A fortune, as you know, smiles for those who persistently goes to the purpose.For several years it has won the love of Ukrainian artists and lovers of music videos eagerly awaiting her new creations.Kate is not going to stop there, and she wrote the script for her debut film.
Kate, and many think not thought about such success at such a young age.Tell me what you dream?
Thank you for your kind words, but I'd like to do more.My dream is to shoot a good movie and to be in a whirlwind of events.But most importantly, I really want to become a mother.Soon there is a great desire to be realized?

While I do not guessing advance, because we with Yura still ends with "magic" of our apartment.It finally will only be our home, so we enjoy a little privacy.Although such a cozy atmosphere anything can h

appen much faster.
Once Leonid Agutin said that women only spoil the music.Kate, what do you think about such a bold statement?
I think that men and women complement and inspire each other on all sorts of achievements, which may even think we could not have come without the influence of the opposite sex.That is why we sometimes better not to have on their ships and not to meddle in their scores.But they need to give us freedom, that's only if they can?(Smiles.)
have been scared to climb the career ladder, where you are surrounded by only men?

Sometimes I thought , that my professionalism is not very much and trust.But each time it turned out that all this "mistrust" I myself came up with.After working a little longer, I realized that what I was afraid of really - my highlight.Many artists interested in women's view of art.This is a kind of a head start, the beauty of a woman who is busy "male" profession.They say, for instance, that is ready to be a woman.What is the reason, I ask?In the old days the cooks were just men.It's now the women have mastered most professions, who for centuries considered a purely male.Things change, time does not stand still.And we are developing together with time.
there be that I want to quit and just be "sitting room cat" a few weeks?

Sometimes, of course , I am a woman after all (laughs)!But for a long time on the couch, I do not lie.Two days maximum - and is already starting to look for notebooks, laptop and mobile.My favorite holiday - parents rustic cozy house, with a cup of coffee with milk on a floral couch ... And so, relax, look for the hundredth time, "Pokrovsky Gates".It's my favorite movie, I'm ready to watch it several times in a row - so there is a smart game of actors!Tell
who owns your heart.We know that you are working together.You do not get tired of each other?There are quarrels?We
Yura King went to the same college, and for many years together.From the first day we literally explore felt that we understand each other perfectly.We like to work together.Jura is now in great demand as a professional and just disappears on the set, and I, respectively, on their projects.It turns out that we see each other only at night and early in the morning, so that we have time to miss a good friend of a friend.We Yura easy even to be silent together.As for our quarrels, it is always a lot of fun bystanders.

I know what you plan to try himself as a full-length movie director.Tell us a little about this project.Who will work, what genre where plan to shoot?
while I was working on the script for the film, so too early to disclose the information.I can only say that I want to do is very delicate and touching film about love.About me, about you, about us, about each.
Katya, you are friends with Alan Badoev.Now he has been working on his second feature film.Whether he would advise you something, based on your experience?Or are you completely rely on their own strength?
As I write the story, so to speak, its foundation, creating a style.When the work is finished, I will connect a group of writers to write dialogues and to verify the dramatic lines.I was based on his experience and his feelings, so I write it just the way she wanted.As for the advice - I try to listen to your inner voice.Until now, he gave me has never failed.
not thought myself to try as an actress?If so, at what the director?

very dream about it! I see myself in dramatic roles, although gay friends, I also know how to (laughs).As for the director, I would like to play in the works of Valeri Todorovski, Philip Jankowski.Very much I respect those directors, screenwriters, producers, for their amazing talent and skill.
Now many public people are involved in all sorts of shows and programs, such as "Who against blondes?", "Dancing with the Stars" and so on. D. Do not want to also take part in such projects?
I love to dance, and, therefore, of all the projects I was more impressed by the dance.What happened was that I rarely watch TV, so I do not know all the projects.I can say only one thing: the more quality projects on TV, the better.Better to let the audience have a good time watching the show vivid than the terrible soap opera.And not only on television needed fresh ideas and quality of their implementation.Now comes a lot of nonsense that clog the time and people's heads.
Tell us about your impressions of the setting wedding of Ani Lorak.Was it difficult to work on the production, was remembered?

Together with Caroline prescribed together, we agreed on every detail of the holiday.Needless celebration was wonderful!Otherwise, it could not be, because Carolina Murat - that's all that was needed for this action.They were so happy and harmonious that no fireworks, trick or directing the course could not overshadow the brightness.Therefore, it was the desire to do the ceremony in a classic style, without any special effects crazy, so I did.I really enjoyed the action on the stage when he began improvisations by guests stars.It was so truly alive, mentally and fun!
clips and staging - different things, but if you choose what is closer to you in the spirit?
course, remove clips I like most, but projects of this kind to me too great pleasure.I am a director, and so inspired by all applications!
the famous music video director Katya Tsarik Ukraine also has another dream: to learn to ride horses professionally.Kate hopes that in the near future will find more time to implement their dreams.

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