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Interview with Olga telejournalist Gerasimyuk

Olga, you often see human grief? But do not sink in the negative, and full of energy, and give a generous smile.How to protect yourself from the negative flow of information?
often hear advice: do not go into other people's affairs, keeping the peace of mind.But I'm sure that every person need to listen as if he - the last of your life.He must feel all that you said - the most important thing.Do not tell him, God forbid, they say, it's all nonsense.Letting someone else's tragedy in his heart, necessarily cause a wave of negative emotions.Fully protect yourself from them is impossible - it is necessary to live with it or change profession.But also to die at work, too, is unwise.If you turn into a squeezed orange, the other will not help.So I developed rules of daily energy care.

believe in the evil eye, damage?
I Poltava woman (Olga Gerasimyuk Piryatin born in Poltava region.) And what poltavchanka does not believe it ?!Accidentally flown thought like "Oh, how good it looks!" May become an energy sho
t.I use people's means of defense - metal pins, for example.Amulets can become an ordinary stone that you somehow like.Just put it in your pocket, and if the PA soul anxious to hold cam.True, my stone is not with me in my pocket only a mobile (laughs).

Social journalist often becomes something of a healer of souls.A healing, extrasensory deal not tried?
tell our family story.My grandmother (incidentally, also Olga) has a unique ability.When someone is dying of her relatives - heard the explosion.It began even before the revolution.She then was a schoolgirl, and she fell in love with a student from Kiev.This romantic story ended in tragedy.Student left, and grandmother when she heard an explosion.Later, she found out: at the very moment the young man died, having fallen under the wheels of the carriage.Since my grandmother was a powerful spiritual connection.This strong woman survived, almost a hundred years, and during that time almost was not ill.Shortly before his death, she became ill.My mother called an ambulance.Grandmother drove doctors and ordered: "Bring Olya and do all she would say."Now I can neither repeat nor to explain his actions.Just keep her grandmother's hand - and she felt better, she got up.There was another case.I participated in a charity game show - it was necessary to win a million for an orphanage in Odessa.Everything went smoothly until I got to the question "What is the airport in Venice?".I traveled almost the whole world, and in this amazing city still was not.Tip "call a friend" did not help me.Proshlyapil I care room.When I realized that the case tube, told me: "Come look!" And I saw the name.Name Airport - Marco Polo.Millions of children, I won.Now I dream to go to Venice and make sure: it looks like the inscription at the airport.What it was I do not know.But I ask again - not sure if I can do it.Just each of us has the capacity, which we do not suspect.They open when really want!

doing spiritual practice?
No.Very often I visit the church, not necessarily Orthodox, even though I am an Orthodox Christian.In every city I visit, I go to the temple, light a candle, thinking of loved ones - the living and the dead, and the soul becomes easier.Some, however, believe that all the temples - a convention.Maybe they're right.We are looking for a place where it turns out, throw out their emotions.For someone such outlet - the sky above, for me - the church.I can not say that to observe all the rites.For me there is a God in that incarnation to what I had imagined.Still, one of my friends priest often sends me CMC-posts: writes a religious festival today, blessing me.This spiritual contact for me is very important.

image change did not try?
I do not belong to the Conservatives that once an image is selected and followed him all his life.Hair - a form and shape to be changed.But it turned out that viewers are accustomed to my teleobrazu, so the length of hair does not fundamentally changed for 15 years.Recently I postriglas - and very happy.I choose color for the season.In cold cloudy days you want something a solar - and I add bright strands.With the image of the blonde I have not developed.One tried to lighten up.When looked in the mirror, horrified - I was gone.I still remember this impression: I do not have, if I disappeared.And people stopped me to notice.Scared Straight!My stylist immediately "returned" me!Get only the red color - all the same pigment was destroyed, just do not get dark curls.So it went red - it could still survive.

What is being done to look good?
love good creams, tonics, salves, serums.
Interview with Olga popular telejournalist Gerasimyuk was great.

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