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Homeopathic remedies for pregnant women

Do not enthusiastically given to the will of toxicity.With the majority of ailments expectant mothers can cope with diet, lifestyle changes.But if these simple measures do not help, use homeopathic remedies for pregnant women.They are sold in specialized pharmacies, are inexpensive, and are sometimes more effective than conventional drugs.The latter is especially important for pregnant women, because most tablets in the summary is the phrase "not recommended during pregnancy".
Pregnant suitable dilution of the active ingredients D6 (or D12 - in this case, we indicate otherwise). This information is usually indicated on the box with homeopathic pellets. On the first day should be taken at 5-balls grains every hour, and from the second day - 3 times a day for 5 grains to the point you do not feel improvement. Grains resolves in the mouth for half an hour before meals or one hour after the.

Most often scratched his stomach. The first reason is that the baby is growing inside you, respectively,
increases and stomach, and the skin is stretched. Will sponging with diluted apple cider vinegar (1 table. teaspoon per 1 liter of water)Regular lubrication of skin cream, especially after water treatment. The second reason is that the growing uterus begins to squeeze internal organs and III trimesters seriously running out liver and biliary ways, disrupting the flow of bile.This causes itching.

This problem is very serious - because my mom's tummy, and so little space!Will herbal teas (mint, marjoram, thyme and fennel seeds).
Chamomilla: when bad exhaust gases.
Lycopodium: if you feel that you have a stomach like a balloon filled with air.

Chest Pain
times magnification and breast tenderness are the first signs of pregnancy.Be sure to purchase a comfortable bra (including your new size), preferably made of natural fabrics.Because homeopathic remedies for pregnant women will help Phytolacca.

Lack of hemoglobin
Anemia - frequent companion of expectant mothers, which is not surprising - after all the growing baby also need a lot of iron.How to understand that you have decreased hemoglobin?You constantly feel tired, simply can not raise their hands and feet, your face is now a pale aristocratic colors, and you still "cling" literally any sore. Contact your doctor, he will give direction to a blood test and then prescribe iron preparations (forbaby they are absolutely safe). Pay attention to the menu: a lot of dishes from beets, carrots, red fruits. Do not forget about red meat, almonds and oatmeal. Perfectly enhances iron fresh orange juice. Also, homeopathic remedies for pregnant women are very useful.
Ferrum phospnoricum: at constant weakness and pale skin.

Urinary tract infections expectant mothers often occur. The main symptom - frequent urge and pain when urinating. If you have any problems, please contact a doctor and specialist visits to dress warmly, lean oncranberry juice (cranberries contain specific substances that suppress the infection in the kidneys) and take Cantharis.

In general, this is normal, because the pregnancy requires a lot of effort.Raise the tone of outdoor exercise, drinking plenty of fluids, hand cool baths.
Haplopappus: under reduced pressure.
Veratrum album: if you are willing lain in bed all day with fatigue cool juice.

As a rule, are a consequence of the increased load on the spine.The kid is growing, because the posture expectant mother becomes very characteristic, with a strong deflection in the lumbar region.In addition, the formation of pain "guilty" and the hormones of pregnancy. They operate on the joint and ligaments, softening it.
Feeling very bad? Hurry lie down and put his feet on the pillow, and even better Abut the wall, climb higher. Some of the times helps dog hair and gentle massage with lavender oil. Aesculus: pain in the lower back.
Acidum formicicum D12: if pain gives up, and the condition improves after a warm compress.

Heartburn occurs more oftenin the III trimester, when the growing uterus begins to put pressure on the stomach. Because of this, the gastric juices into the esophagus as a result - burning pain in the stomach. You can improve health through diet - give up coffee, strong black tea, acidic fruit juices, carbonateddrinks and salad dressings with vinegar. These dishes and foods increase the acidity of gastric juice, and you now do not need it. It is better to give preference to foods rich in magnesium: bananas, wild rice, nuts, products from wheat flour.
Iris: when strong painful burning sensation in the stomach directly.
Nux vomica: at pains that are aggravated by stress, against the background of general irritability and nervousness (pain decreases in the evening and after receiving waters).
Capsicum: if a burning sensation is very strong, and the symptoms are worse in a cold room or in a draft.
Robina pseudacacia: when a sour taste in the mouth.At night, it feels better.

Another consequence of hormonal changes in the body.The hormones circulating in the blood, affecting the many organs and systems, including irritate the vomiting center of the brain.To cope with the nausea will tea with mint.The first cup is best to drink before you get up in the morning in bed.Of course, you can drink mint puzzle preparing her Blessed.However, practice shows that it is much easier to prepare their evening tea in a thermos and put it next to the bed.During the day, eat often, but small portions (best vegetable dishes in combination with bread from wheat flour), washed down with food ginger tea.To make it, cut a thin slice of ginger root, pour boiling water, cover and let stand for a while.
Arsenicum album: If nausea is accompanied by a permanent weakness.
Colchicum D12: if you are ill at the sight or smell of certain foods or dishes, and gets better when you go to a warm bed.
Iris: when acid regurgitation, a constant sour taste in the mouth.In addition, you often suffers from headaches.Feel better if you move.
Ipecacuanha: If you often sick, and vomiting does not bring relief.You feel worse when moving.
Nux vomica: even if you are after a light snack in the stomach feel so heavy as stone swallow.
Sepia: nausea, which occurs immediately after waking up and after meals.Feel better outdoors.

anxiety and insomnia
all expectant mothers - being gentle, sensitive and impressionable.To cope with nerves help self-hypnosis, meditation and relaxing music.Before going to bed, drink milk with honey or lemon balm tea - these drinks have a slight soporific effect.
Aconitum: help with bad thoughts and fear of approaching childbirth.Do you feel better after a walk.
Cocculus: if you constantly feel sleepy, especially after eating.
Coffea: when you can not disconnect from the current problems, but in my head, "a thousand-thousand dumushek" '.
Valeriana: with strong mood swings. Emotional condition improves when you move.
Zincum metallicum: when "restless legs syndrome".

Another unpleasant consequence of the action of hormones of pregnancy.Pay attention to diet - more vegetables and fruits, soaked prunes in the morning, you can add a little
bran food.Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.
Alumina: constipation without urge defecation.Improving overall health in the fresh air.
Bryonia: when hard stool, which is accompanied by a strong craving.
Nux vomica: you painfully to the bathroom, but nothing comes out.

leg cramps
investigation of magnesium deficiency in the body of the future mother.With a strong spasm to relieve the pain as much as possible muscle strain information.Better even to stand on the affected leg, move her whole body weight (of course, holding on to some support to avoid losing balance).Talk to your doctor, he will prescribe drugs magnesium.
Also include in your diet more foods rich in these minerals are bananas, dried fruit, almonds.Before going to bed gently massage tired legs fat cream and, of course, do not forget about homeopathy.
Cuprum metallicum D12: if the seizures are accompanied by sleep disorders.
Magnesium phosphoricum D12: with strong and very painful cramps.
Silicea D12: if, along with the calf muscles and reduces the arch of the foot.

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