A single woman with a child

1. Preparation.

If a woman does not have a permanent man with whom she had always lived, then it can be a variety of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Remember, if you have any abnormalities and infections that could be passed to your baby.And by the time they are very long-lasting treatment.Before you find yourself a baby need to pass a lot of tests, though it is expensive, but your health will be fully known.Next, you need to choose a man from whom you would like to have her unborn child, it is important that the man was completely healthy.And not the first time, it turns out, or do not work, if not the man from whom you want to give birth.

To obtain a 100% need to want it both partners.Of course, there is a second option - a donor ... sperm bank, when referring to the clinic, which deals with such services - keep in mind that this is a very expensive service, and the likelihood of a successful procedure is not very big.

2. pregnancy.

during pregnancy need to be under the supervision of
a physician and take part of the analysis so that you can learn how the health of the patient.Of course, always very nice to feel that you have in your belly a brand new life.The child already has his own method of conversation - pushing.

3.Rozhdenie and child support.

And so, in the end - preparation for childbirth.For some women, there is fear, and it is very important to a loving man was with you and support in difficult times.And if you're single, then you need to be very strong psychologically.When you see the baby, you need all the time to devote to it.We must be prepared for what you'll be every 3-4 hours to feed the baby and spend sleepless nights with him - this can last for about 2 years.It should be every day for a walk with him, wash and iron his clothes.All this is the first days of motherhood will seem very challenging.From such a monotonous life you may be depressed.In normal operation, you can come back in 1.5 years, and maybe longer.

In the very first days of the child's stomach starts to heal and it is necessary to handle it every day, and not all women can be prepared for this, so trust this job to her husband.And it is good to feed the baby milk, mothers need to eat well.The cost of maintaining a child are very large: diapers, food, diapers, special creams and many other things.And with the increasing age of the child and increased cash needs it.Often the baby might have a sick and he needs medication, and this additional cost.It will also need all kinds of vitamins and a massage every three months.

Before, when he was 1 year old, it is necessary to give to the survey many doctors: such as a surgeon, a neurologist, ophthalmologist.They need to be held very often.We need to go to the pediatrician every year to weigh, measure and child to be vaccinated.After a few months of life the child will demand attention.Of course, very pleased when you see how your child's first smile, to hear what he says.The greatest time to be given to the child will be - this is when it will start to be trained around: walk, talk, and more.

While little child years old, he still does not understand that he needed a father, and that's when it will start a visit to the kindergarten, it always asks about it.And we must be prepared for this question.Of course, it is difficult when the father is not around, so this role you have to play.The main thing that you have correctly raised your child and give him all my love and affection.

that real and loving mother, you have to be very strong and patient, then your son in the future I will be grateful for the gift from his happy childhood.

Yulia Sobolevskaya , especially for

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