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How to clean the dirt from the couch

Some rules to be observed when cleaning the sofa

If cleaning of the furniture will be vdomashnih own terms and with the help of improvised means, then the sredstvosleduet first try on any hidden area of ​​the sofa, so as not to spoil egoobivkuirrevocably.It is also worth considering that by various chistyaschihveschestv with sharp poisonous smell when there are kids in the house, it is better vsegootkazatsya.

In most cases, the most rasprostranennymizagryazneniyami sofa are: dust, various types of stains, for example, frank, urine, drink, food.Print them is not so difficult, osobennoesli to begin cleaning as soon as the contamination appeared.

As dust pochistitdivan

When the sofa is leather upholstery, simply wipe it with a cloth or sponge slegkavlazhnoy.

If the sofa upholstery material, this method will not dostatochnoudachnym as dust moisture can turn into mud, and from rastiraniytryapkoy it soak into upholstery.

Clean sofa with fabric upholstery dust pylesosomili also recommend

ed using knockout.Good advice - before you start to beat izdivana dust, it is best to cover with a damp, clean cloth and thin.If etogone do the embossed dust quickly comes back, and besides just razletitsyapo the room.

How to clean urine stains divanot

To get rid of these stains on the couch must be immediately chtobymocha deep into the sofa has not penetrated and did not give off unpleasant odors.The upholstery should etomsluchae dry with paper towels until they stop vpityvatvlagu.Then should start cleaning.Suitable for any of the moyuschiesredstva that are commonly used for washing dishes or for the chistkikovrov and ordinary detergent and soap.It is worth noting that much easier to lather washed out of the upholstery than foam kotorayaobrazuetsya of washing powder.Kogdamochevye pollution old exude an unpleasant smell, then save them mozhnopri help shredders odors vprotivnom then have to completely trim and change the contents of the sofa.

How to clean a sofa otpyaten beer

If spilled beer on the sofa at once, as long as it nevpitalos inside the furniture output is a substance with a paper napkin, and then wipe the stain with a weak solution of vinegar (per liter of water threedining lozhkiuksusa).Then this is the place to wipe with clean water and allow to dry.Spots izapaha should not remain on the couch.

old beer stains difficult to withdraw as zagryazneniyaot urine, since they also tend to exude unpleasant odors.It poetomunuzhno try to clean this type of pollution immediately, it was not necessary menyatdivan.

otkrovyanyh How to get rid of spots on the couch

fresh bloodstains should display only cool water and soap pripomoschi (preferably dark).

If the blood stains are old, you can bring them neskolkimimetodami.For example, dissolved in 250 ml of cold water one tablet of aspirin agotovym solution carefully rub the stain of blood with the help of cotton or vatnogodiska.It is also possible to withdraw blood stains with a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

per liter of cold water stir ordinary salt (stolovuyulozhku), after which the resulting solution soak blood stains, and minutes later 30-40tschatelno rub contaminated sites re the same liquid.

How divanapyatna removed from the juice and chewing gum

juice stains from upholstery of the sofa should be displayed rastvoromammiaka with vinegar mixed in equal proportions.This tool is smochitmesta pollution, then allow to dry.

If you have to clean a large area of ​​the upholstery of the sofa, tosushit it must be in the open air, but not in the sun, or else otkryvokna in the room.

To remove chewing gum from the sofa upholstery, neobhodimona cud put an ice pack, and wait until the gum will not be hard.After chegoudalit it with any mild object, and then through cheesecloth to iron pyatnogoryachim iron, and if the stain remains, then rub it with methyl alcohol.

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