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How to learn to not spend all the money: basic mistakes

You do not have the money airbags
With the sudden dismissal or a planned change jobs you will remain without a livelihood.You must be a reserve for a rainy day, at least in order to be able to choose a new job rather than settle for the first available offer (because you have sold the cat to buy cat food).Some professions allow us to find a new place in a matter of days, for example, if you are a hairdresser or a sales manager.But if you are a "specialist in internal communications' or lawyer narrow profile, then it is great on you demand?

How to deal
assumes that can look for a job for months?Start creating your own stabilization fund right now.Set aside to let the small salary, but money.And the best thing to do is not to use a piggy bank and bank to replenish their accounts (and the card from him hide away).In this case, you will not have this temptation to break the piggy bank and spend all of the deferred funds to the same contribution to the bank can "dribble" the interest that you will ag
ree, a trifle, but still nice.

you do not save up money for a major purchase
If you have no savings at something major, whether a new coat or a trip, you will always have to indulge in or buy or borrow money on it.But it is not always easy to find people among the relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, ready to lend a tidy sum, and bank loans are not cheap oh so right now with its rather big interest rates.So even if you are not currently a specific understanding of what you want to buy, just a delay of about 10-15% of your monthly income.Then decide what will this money - for an apartment or a ticket to Disneyland.

How to deal
Plan all purchases - from food to cars and consider your everyday spending.To do this the old fashioned way to take notes in a notebook "income / expenses", or use the specially created for this electronic programs, the benefit is now possible to select and install on your computer or smartphone any "personal finance", suitable for you.With it, you'll notice some items of expenditure can easily reduce or remove altogether, freeing the "extra" money to put them.Determine in advance the required amount of money you will spend on the medium-sized purchases (clothing, household appliances) and date of purchase.

Do you have items of expenditure which takes half earnings
If you spend 50% of income per cost item, for example, rent an apartment or repayment of several loans, you are depriving yourself of stability.In the event of a crisis or some difficult financial situation, you will not have the reserves to reduce costs.

How to deal
you urgently need to change the situation.For example, start to shoot a modest apartment, for example by moving to less pristizhny area, and let the time you'll spend on the road to work increased slightly, but the costs of the apartments will be reduced.Or, alternatively, you can make a refinance loan is actually covering the old loans to new, more favorable interest rates.

Do you have debts or loans
If you borrowed money on your everyday small expenses, you're passing spent money that did not even earn.

How to deal
If you have an interest-free loan, give it in small portions and do not make new debts.If you pay interest to repay the loan as soon as possible, resist the fun and unnecessary pleasures.Credit is justified only if it is taken at large and the need to purchase, such as an apartment or a car (if not four-wheeled friend can not do), and the monthly payment amount is more than 40% of the total family income.If you use a card, return money to the bank during the grace period, interest-free (usually it leaves 40-60 days).

If you buy on impulse and not thinking about the money spent, you will always be broke no matter how much you earn.

you trust loans with a rate of 0%
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, bank credit can not be granted under a percentage that is less than the refinancing rate.Today, it is 8.25%.And if you think that you take a loan at 0%, then either you have not read the agreement, or the interest is already incorporated in the price of goods for which the store so kindly provides "zero" credit.

How to deal
Carefully read what you sign, especially the fine print and compare prices before you go into debt, it is possible that the same thing from the online store is much cheaper than that flauntsin the window of the shop with enticing guise of "free credit".

you extinguish one loan with another
you are so distressed that you have to take a new loan to pay off the old one?This is the worst situation of all.A vicious circle from which escape is almost impossible.

How to deal
Urgent indulge in everything, sit on bread and water, take second jobs, but do not take new loans.Otherwise, you can never get out of this debt trap.

you often buy unnecessary things
you liked summer shoes, although they are not your size, and you also bought three pairs last week.But can you deny yourself small pleasures that you deserve?But very often after a short joy comes the rude awakening when to pay for a long time and all the money you come down on the "this is a beautiful dress," and "very necessary (10th in a row in your collection) Case for the phone."

How to deal
not encourage yourself unnecessary purchases.In the end, at the mall instead of shopping you can go to the cinema or go skating on artificial ice.Unplanned Purchases - only surplus.Splash out on the last - the last thing.