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How to care for a leather jacket?

In the entire history of the jacket has come a long way from the "bomber jacket" to modern models available in a very wide variety of colors and styles.The model has become particularly popular in the late twentieth century, during the vibrant masculinity and overt aggression.Currently, there is no practical alternative to the more favorite of all jackets.This thing is universal in its wearability and stylistic decision.

Skin - a natural material, it is a little dirty, easy to use and durable.Advantages leather jacket undeniable: it is excellent protection against wind and rain, warm, and will help to create a unique, stylish way.Besides the classic combination with jeans, it will be successful with the classic sets, and even sports elements of both male and female costume.

To extend the life of your favorite jacket, and always be sure of her condition, it is necessary to remember it is not only necessary, but also to pay attention and daily care.

competent care of things from leather

As the skin - a natural material, it needs careful, daily care, especially during the season socks.General recommendations for care are as follows:
  1. to maintain the shape it is necessary to hang a jacket on her broad shoulders, do not distort the cut product.Subject to the rules of the problem of stretching or deformation of the skin will be removed.
  2. Storage leather items should be carried out under the control of humidity.The room must be dry and well ventilated.
  3. When using special accessories storage (covers, bags), it is necessary to monitor the composition of the material.When you contact with the skin are preferred natural fabrics.
  4. should be avoided contact with the product in cellophane and similar materials.
  5. when wet jacket is not necessary to use means of artificially accelerating the drying process.Leather will not tolerate such treatment.Also, do not hide in the closet, wet coat, excess moisture will damage the material.It should be gently wiped with a dry cloth jacket and hang on the shoulders of suitable size.
  6. Leather products categorically is machine washable.It will ruin your thing.
  7. If the jacket is damaged by chemical and coloring elements (paint, oil) is a confidence thing professionals and deliver the dry cleaner.So you do not risk inept actions aggravate the situation.It is worth remembering that the longer the product is exposed to the reactant, the harder it will be to restore the original appearance.
There are a lot of special equipment that will help your jacket last you longer than average
  • Do not neglect the materials to prolong the life of leather products.Currently, the range of funds is very extensive.The most popular are:
  • moisture repellent spray.Protection against excess moisture and keep presentable product in bad weather.
  • Wax to the skin.Well soften rough skin with time.Also, careful selection of tools for color products enable mask abrasions and cracks, formed during prolonged wear.
  • Sponge skin.Special sponges contain superfatting composition of natural materials necessary after cleaning.
  • Penoochistitel.Universal care product not only of leather and suede clothes and products made from nubuck.
means and tools to care for leather jackets are available in every major store that specializes in sales of leather goods.

Besides special products, there are many popular recipes that can help you in caring for your favorite jacket.

So, a good way to clean up the product from dust and dirt is onions.Before use, clean the onion and cut in half.Then quickly wipe the place of the cut tissue.Gradually, updating as needed cut, gently treat the entire surface of the product.After the procedure, wipe the jacket a special sponge.

To make leather goods used ordinary light glycerin.Deal with a sponge or soft cloth and wipe glycerol jacket.Also come to the aid of the rind of oranges.Wipe the back of the skin, and essential oils contained in it, provide your jacket delicate natural shine.

Thus, good treatment not only prolong the life of your favorite jacket, but also allow it to please you with its pristine views.

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