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Review of the film Meet Dave

Recent years have been a disappointment for the once popular comedian Eddie Murphy.Last year's "Norbit" is confirmed.Viewers charming and funny actor primarily remembered for cool comedy "Beverly Hills Cop," "Coming to America," "The Nutty Professor" and "Doctor Dolittle".Talking about this, "Meet Dave" is not necessary.The new film with Murphy was an ordinary movie for family viewing.

-subject finds it was not so much, although the idea is worthy.Angry Lilliputians from another planet come to Earth in the form of the original spacecraft with bad intentions.Aliens want to find the lost probe on the planet and use it to suck the oceans, in order to remove all the salt - a necessary source of energy.Most interesting is that this ship is Dave (Eddie Murphy), a man-robot, which sits in the head a team of newcomers.Quite comical are moments when "Dave" is trying to get acquainted with the customs of the Earth, in particular New York and its inhabitants.For younger newcomers Dave becomes a safe haven.Even w

hen he was hit by a car, Dave gets up and goes further.Cunning plan midgets is not so easy given realized in the modern world.The whole reason - a little boy Josh and his mom Jean (Elizabeth Banks), forcing Dave to remind humanity, feelings and joys of life.Absurd situations give rise to sometimes comical situations, and then the aliens head Dave has to get out on the full.For alien "invaders" kindness earthlings like a bolt from the blue.The situation gets out of control when the controlled like a robot ears falls in love with Jean dugout, completely forgetting about the mission.

Although frankly child scenario in the movie there are scenes that clearly came to the place.Did not cause tenderness in the adult footage from the black-and-white film of Frank Capra's "This wonderful life," in which newcomers first learn about emotions and feelings.Creators hard and joked over the inventions of the century - Google, MySpace and awful Britney Spears.Such attempts to awaken the interest of the audience are not bad, but too much emphasis on the character evokes a feeling Murphy satiety and boredom.Of course, "Meet Dave" - ​​a one-man movie, the only star on the set.

talent Eddie Murphy is not yet lost, but it is clear that light in his eyes a little bit faded.There is no longer the prominent roles that each movement, gesture or phrase evoked laughter of spectators, and the antics of the main character of "Coming to America" ​​is still fun and the right to remain among the best in cinema.Tribute should be paid comedian - original jokes, though not seen, but there is no vulgarity and "toilet" humor.

film about an alien Dave, primarily addressed to children, and Eddie Murphy has not just amuse them with their adventures.

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