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Review of the film "Fly Me to the Moon"

nWave Pictures, a major player in the industry of stereoscopic entertainment, is the first computer 3D-film created, animated and mounted stereo.

Information from the official site

animated film "Fly Me to the Moon" was created for display in three-dimensional format in theaters such as iMax (there is still need to wear special polarized glasses).We do not have such luck, but promises soon to be: first iMax plans to open in Kiev in late September 2008.But as long as civilization slowly and gradually comes to our latitude, the producers of animation do not forget about us, "Fly Me to the Moon" - the first ever CGI film created for display in three-dimensional format, not only in iMax and Digital 3D, but in any theater in theanaglyph technology assistance.

So, the first and main conclusion: the computerization of the planet has reached such a level that the full 3D-animation can now riveted to almost any back room.What was previously a must - huge power, the server the size of a house, and the year

s draw professional actors / acrobats as sitters - is now completely replaced by intelligent machines.Same as before is not considered particularly necessary, such as: the talent of the designer, storyteller, cartoonist, now it seems to have finally gone under the knife in the standardization of the table.In short, the human race: the car still won.

new low-budget (only a paltry 25 million dollars compared to, for example, the recent breakthrough 180 million WALL-E) cartoon "Fly Me to the Moon" - proof.I have nothing against Belgium (on one side), and on the other - very cartoon received any.The characters are not particularly interesting storyline - the average, no innovation, no discoveries, no super ideas - almost all the same and for the same track on which we go year already.All the faces were all repeated grimaces.What is this - a crisis of animation?The second conclusion is not as basic as the first, but still sad: stories ended."Fly Me to the Moon" to me personally is painfully reminiscent of the good old Dunno and his adventures on the moon.That's just as shorties - flies.

Although, if you look closely, the creators even tried.For example, they are invited to participate in a project of Buzz Aldrin (Edwin Eugene Aldrin - the second man to walk on the moon, in his honor even named a lunar crater), he even announced himself.Sometimes funny, sometimes pleasing graphics (especially the technical details of the ship).One can see attempts to parody scenes from famous films about space, such as "Space Odyssey 2001", "Apollo 13" and "Astronaut's Wife" - these tricks are likely designed for parents who have come together with the kids.

In general, we have another cool simple cartoon for children and their parents (although probably only for children).See, of course, in a movie theater - and the result will impress serious and child going to the movies - always a holiday.

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