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"Wanted 2" will not rely on comics

Miller said that he would take a tiny little bit of comic books - that was not used in the first film."We will involve the details of which have not been introduced in the first film - for example, the third and fourth chapters.In a broad sense, the new pattern will be based on a comic book, but in fact, it will be completely independent product, "- says the writer.

Although given their consent to work on a sequel, comic book author said that he and the artist George. George. Jones, will not again engage in a continuation of its series of stories drawn in 2004 "Wanted.""I have the reputation of this whore.People I already simply do not believe, as if I did not categorically stated its refusal to continue.The seventh edition will not.I like to change the subject - I am too quickly tired of the monotony, "- says Millar.

script tapes "Wanted 2", the release of which is scheduled for 2010, will be written in the same successful duo Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.Rumor has it that the character Terence St

amp, Pekvarski will get much more space.The first tape was attended by Hollywood stars such as James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Kretschmann and others.

According, the first film brought its creators tidy sum of $ 258.3 million. World fees.

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