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How to decorate a Christmas tree

tradition of decorating trees for the new year - a very ancient.However, not always a celebration of the New Year tree decorated.New Year in ancient times Slavs celebrated March 1;year began during the spring awakening of nature, and a symbol of the holiday was the cherry blossoms which it was decided to make at home.Cherry specially grown in pots, the timing kept in a cool place, and drifts into the room well before the holiday.

tree deserved attention that stays green all year round.About nine centuries ago tree has become a symbol of eternal life, and it began to be used as an element of festive decorations.In ancient Rome, pine branches were the most important attribute of the celebration of "Saturnalia" from 19 to 25 December.The Germanic tribes who fought with the Roman Empire, the Romans adopted this tradition, and they have become tree attribute New Year."Barbarians" revered sacred fir tree, the branches of which is the seat of the good spirit of forests - the defense of truth.To appease him, i

t was necessary to decorate a Christmas tree with apples - a symbol of fertility, eggs - a symbol of life, and nuts - a symbol of the unknowable divine providence.That the Germans were the first to cultivate ornamental rocks and ate invented Christmas decorations.

Over time, the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree on New Year's conquered the world.In America, the Christmas tree was brought Protestants.It is easily and quickly became an integral part of the Christmas tradition of Christmas a young nation.In Russia, after the publication of the decree of Peter I «On the celebration of the New Year," the house of St. Petersburg residents (mainly Germans) were first decorated with pine branches on samples exposed to a demonstration in Gostiny Dvor.The tradition gradually spread to the whole of Russia.Christmas trees have become a major and indispensable decoration of houses in the New Year and Christmas in the cities and the most remote villages of the Russian Empire.

Initially tree decorated octagonal star of Bethlehem, it was a symbol of Christ.Returning home from a night of worship in the church, people lit candles.It was the beginning of the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree and holiday table with candles.After the October Revolution, as the subject of "religious" tree fell into disfavor authorities.However, the tradition has survived.After a while spruce officially became a symbol of the New Year, succeeding eight-five-pointed star of Bethlehem in the Soviet.Christmas tree again became queen of New Year holidays.

So, it is time to decorate the Christmas spruce.If you have decided to put the house live Christmas tree, it is necessary to create favorable conditions in the room.No need to bring early Christmas tree in a warm house, let "stored" in the cold.Two days before the installation, you must update the muzzle, shortening it by 10 cm. The trunk around the muzzle must be cleaned of bark and placed in a special solution.Here are three possible prescription preparation of such a solution:
- 3-4 tablespoons of glycerin per 10 liters of water;
- 6 g of gelatine, 5 g of citric acid, 16.crushed chalk - 3 liters of water;
- spoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt, one tablet of aspirin - 10 liters of water.
As soon as the level of the solution will decrease the need to add water.Christmas tree, constant couple of days in such a solution will not crumble during all New Year and Christmas holidays.

Instead of one big tree, or in addition to it, you can decorate your house different compositions of conifer twigs, to make of them bouquets, garlands, wreaths.All this combined with the traditional Christmas decorations is conveniently located on the wall, on the table in the window on the door of each room of the house, filling the entire space of your holiday home.

Decorate your home with "snow-capped" pine branches.It is necessary to lower the spruce branches for several hours in the hot strong solution of salt.Dry branch and spoke of salt crystals it will look as if covered with sparkling snow.You can also make a bouquet of "snow-covered" branches of deciduous trees.The branches are covered with a thin layer of glue, then sprinkle with finely crumbled foam.Finally, you can use artificial snow in cans.

If you care the holiday than the "perfect style" New Year's beauty, let me decorate the Christmas tree and your children.It would be great if they hang on the Christmas tree made of their own lanterns, garlands.Nothing that the Christmas tree can be a little old-fashioned at the same time.It will delight all, create a warm and joyful atmosphere of the holiday unceasing renewal and eternal life.

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