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Name Day: what is accepted to do?

Name Day is commonly done.On this day, it is necessary to go to church in the morning and receive communion.If you can not go to the temple, then pray to your guardian angel.Throughout his life he guards you and is on the right path, unless of course you understand all of his tips.On this day you can not swear, cuss, but better to do only good things.

Birthdays in this day need to present all kinds of gifts, souvenirs, arrange a holiday.Gifts should be thought out in advance, based on the interests culprit celebration.Surprise does not have to be expensive, most importantly your attention to the birthday.

Nowadays rarely see people celebrating the name day.In the old days, this feast was celebrated with all the pomp of the Russian spirit.On this day, they baked cakes, covered tables.Pies are sent by relatives and friends to dine with them for the health of their birthday.Pies different sizes, depending on whom they are sent.Godmother and father sent sweet cake as a sign of sincere respect.

guests came to the celebration of the angel brought with them gifts and souvenirs.The priest blessed the images, and civilians were given a piece of cloth, cups, pretty postcard with a picture of a guardian angel.Children, in turn, portrayed the birthday angels made their own hands.

Day angel king held a little differently, leaving the Church of the king gave all the pies.The same did the queen.Prince reached the age of majority also gave himself pies.For minors and young princes princesses, the king gave the name day cakes.If the birthday boy turned out to be one of the boyars, they come with a bow to the king, portrayed the birthday cake.The king thanked Boyar, asked him about the health and congratulated name day.Next birthday represented his queen and lady also touted her pies.

the day an angel of the king, he was sure were given various gifts.All merchants king sent out all kinds of gifts for the royal court received them and immediately sold.

name-day celebration of the king held a very pompous, all sat at the covered tables.Required choir sang Many Years after the feast the king bestowed all invited expensive gifts.Then all the guests had fun, sang and danced.

obligatory attribute of festive table became pies with various fillings: cabbage, meat, sweet filling and cake with raisins.For this cake has been prepared by a special role in the celebration of his birthday was broken over his head, all the stuffing fell on him, and the guests at this point, saying: "How raisins fray, so let lifetime gold silver so you heaps."

have survived recipes birthday cake: a glass of sugar, a packet of margarine, a tablespoon of sour cream or yogurt, two eggs, one teaspoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of vinegar.All the ingredients mix until smooth, gradually add the flour until the dough is soft and elastic.Cut the dough into two pieces, one larger and one smaller size.The piece is more spread out on a baking sheet, spread out on top of a sweet filling.The remaining piece to add more flour and knead a stiff dough.Then rub it on a grater and sprinkle flan.Put in the oven for twenty minutes at a temperature of two hundred degrees.

If you do not know your name day, you can ask the priest in the church, he tells you.I'd like to renew the tradition of our forefathers, and to celebrate the name day with all its inherent splendor.

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