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Carnival Night, party

Carnival Night party, it can be arranged in advance or New Year's Eve.No matter when you will arrange it, how important it is to pass.

If you want a carnival night right into the New Year, this should inform guests that you want to spend a carnival, and they must arrive at the party in carnival costume.Consider the original invitation, such as decoration for Christmas trees, it will pass to the carnival.A decoration will take its rightful place on the Christmas tree.It happens that the guests simply forgot about the carnival and came without costumes.Here, too, you do not worry, make advance themselves some masks.

Either take out the "grandmother" of the chest different old clothes, hats, calico bra in the chest, you can find a variety of things that will be perfect for a fun-filled carnival.

then will a series of entertainment.One of the games can be a box with colored ribbons.You will be leading this carnival.The music box start to pass around, and when the music stops, guests wh

o turned out to be a box at this moment, pulls out her favorite ribbon, and on it an object suspended.Guest agrees to all party wear this thing for yourself.After that, the game continues and the music is switched on again, then stops, and so on until the last ribbon in the box.In the box you can put different things: from huge boxers to hare's ears.All items in the box should be a continuation of carnival costume.

can vary this competition.The big bag folded various attributes of carnival costume.As well as a variety of old things that are in any home: hats, aprons, jackets, scarves, ties, vests and t. E. It offers lots to pull, it indicates exactly how the character the player has to dress up.While the melody, all begin to change.Then comes the presentation of his costume, the prize is awarded to the bright and originally presented his hero.

virtually all enjoy wildlife.Therefore it is possible to hold a party, and on this subject.Before it is necessary to inform the party guests.To come in costumes of their favorite animals.To maintain the atmosphere of the party, it is necessary to decorate the house with toy animals.You can also purchase a guest animal masks.At the end of the party, you can choose the most worthy holder of the master year.

can spend Carnival in the country, in a country house.First, find itself who dares to give to the destruction of their own home.Well, with that you hope will be dismantled quickly.The next step is to hold a party.Please think over the theme of the evening: a costume party early 19th century, or a style of "Latinos" and may be based on a certain evening tales.In any case the selected theme evenings have to inform guests in advance.

If you got just a little wooden house with a bathhouse, then you can have a party in the form of sports and athletics.Attire should be athletic.It is even possible to heighten the interest to buy anywhere form 80 start, build all in a row, and choose the coach with a whistle.The competition jumping in the snow, is one more jump in the snow.And other various sporting events.

And if you are lucky and you find a chic cottage, then you can arrange gorgeous carnival.You can play pirates and captured them girls.A courageous rescuers will look for the girls, and then save them.

You can arrange a little carnival right in the office.Admission to the original suit.Each participant needs to know the history of their attire, and to submit it for all to see with a little story about the suit.The best costume will be chosen by secret ballot, and the prize may be different, depending on the generosity of your superiors.

In order to find a common language with the opposite sex, you can play an exciting game at the party.Reversed, women will become men.A men-women.Men they enter in women's clothes, and women - the men's.At the entrance to the main hall have to allocate roles and then on the stage to play a vital stage.So you can understand each other better, it turns out very funny and at the same time informative.

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