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Opening of the winter season at the rink

In recent years, a visit to the rink is becoming increasingly popular entertainment.Wishes to conquer the ice lining up, dutifully waiting for their turn to come get coveted pair of rental skates.Owners of property immediately rush to the dressing room.And then, with a happy expression on his face, and they both go to the rink, where everything is alive and pulsing like molecules in Brownian motion.Careless students and serious business woman, three year olds and their parents ride a windup music, writing tricky steps.They each have their own motives for visiting the rink.Couples come here for a date (take note - a very original idea!).

Proponents of a healthy lifestyle
found here an alternative to the gym.They know that skating makes shapely legs, abdomen - flat, and strengthens the back muscles.In an hour you can burn up to 600 calories!Kids just like a pastime.They vigorously rush on ice until their mothers enjoy socializing over a cup of tea.Result visiting unchanged - a lot of fun and high spi
rits.Make it very, good indoor ice rink in almost every major city.There you will be able to ride, regardless of the weather!Modern rinks offer a variety of services - ranging from rental of skates and ending cozy cafes where visitors relax after intensive skiing.On the territory of the rink, you can arrange a reception, corporate party, birthday or even a wedding!And in the evenings, some rollers turn into dance floors.Of course, you need to practice before you get to dance on ice.To do this, you can take some lessons from a professional coach.The result is worth it!

lessons for beginners. You're going to the rink for the first time?Then these tips are just for you.They will help you to quickly learn and feel confident on the ice.Come to the rink at least half an hour before the session began.Especially in the weekend.Otherwise skates right size can be disassembled, and you will wait a long time.Bring your passport or other identity document - many skating rinks are secured document.Select the appropriate size skates.Your feet should feel comfortable.Put on your skates on a warm woolen socks and lace them carefully - shoes must fix the ankle.

What ride? best to go on the ice in slacks or suit that will not hamper the movements.Do not wear too warm, bulky items, or you will be hot and uncomfortable.Perfect wool sweater or light jacket.You can grab a hat and gloves.Scarf worn it is not necessary - it can get lost in the fall.Be sure to bring a change of T-shirt and socks.
Keep balance!First, wait for the ice, holding a side.Comes off the ice one, then the other leg.Centre of balance is located in the pelvis.So do not overwhelm back and leans forward too much.

Teach slipping. their feet shoulder-width apart, slightly bend the knees.The body slightly tilted forward.Push the left edge of the ice-skate forward and slightly to the side (so you have a little bit you will pass on the right foot) .Postav feet together, it will help you restore the balance in shock.Then, push the left foot.
Learn to slow down.Put your feet parallel to shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees.Unfold toes inside, continuing to keep your feet at the same distance.You can also slow down, gradually shifting weight to the heel and toe.

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