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Scenario: the new year in the hospital

Sometimes doctors insist that the expectant mother remained in the hospital for saving even though the holidays.Of course, it is not too fun.However, as the famous Dale Carnegie when fate presents you a lemon, try to make lemonade.

Think about the child
Do not try to break back home in any way - to persuade a doctor or concealing their true health.According to medical statistics, most of the "newcomers" come to the hospital with complaints of it in the morning the first of January, after the fireworks, champagne, Olivier and riding a rollercoaster. It is worth the risk? After all, the pledge of your happiness in the coming year - not having fun New Year's Eve, and healthbaby.
Irina, mother Maxim: "On the morning of the 31st, during rounds, I crook begged the doctor" a day off "on receipt.Very much I like to celebrate with her husband.The two let me go, and at 11 pm, I arrived back in festive attire and ... with contractions.Well, that term has been decent.Christmas Wish I trying with the cards in th
e prenatal and it came to pass within a few hours - was born, my sonny ".

Create a mood
Do not cry and feel sorry for yourself - the hospital quarters of this does not turn into a banquet hall and a nurse - inSnow Maiden. But a positive attitude will make quite Chamber of dull pleasant place. Decorate it with tinsel and balls, cover the holiday table, or rather, a bedside table, including a New Year's concert. Pay attention to yourself, as a pale face and a bundle on his head only to spoil the mood. Makehair and light makeup, put on nice clothes. Of course, the studs and evening dress you are unlikely to be useful, but the tunic with trousers will fall quite comfortable way.
Alina, mother of Elijah: "Before the feast of us hapless mothers, on the floor there is only three. First we nazvanivali their husbands and cried into the phone, and then teamed up and made a wonderful holiday. We asked the family to give us all yummy, ward decorated with garlands and pretty fun greeted the New Year.There's something about it!Who else but the other expectant mothers, with such gusto will discuss model carriages, cots New Year's Eve? "

Involve public
A great way to improve your mood - raise it to someone else. A neighbor in the ward, and remaining inHospital medical staff probably also want to go home to his family. Enjoy their sincere congratulations, small gifts or refreshments. If doctors on duty will not mind, you can even take place in the House of impromptu competitions and quizzes.
Wick, Alenka mother: "As a mother of two sons, Idreamed of a daughter. But US insists that the light will be another boy. In the New Year in the hospital with Mom, we have arranged something like fortune-telling on the floor of the child, and I pulled a pink ribbon. And soon the New Year's miracle really happened - II was not born a son and a daughter! "

Arrange a teleconference
sure to call their relatives and friends, and they will be a bit closer.But in any case, do not worry.There is no reason to feel lonely, because you meet this holiday with the closest and dearest person - your baby!Mama Zoya
Roma: "Knowing that the New Year I will have to meet in the hospital, I had already asked a close friend to buy gifts to my family and friends (explain in detail what I want), and when they came to visit me, gave them to the nurse folding down.The next morning, they brought me back pack with all sorts of nice gifts and a bunch of cards ".

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