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Holiday - Day of St. Nicholas

And the good deeds and bad, he writes in a special book.Tell
son or daughter that St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in other countries.This tradition for many years.Different countries have their own characteristics.In Austria, for example, expose children on the eve of the threshold of polished shoes and adult hide in her gifts.In the Netherlands, to give gifts anonymously, each of which is accompanied by poems about the addressee, supposedly written by St. Nicholas.In our country, this festival is also gaining popularity.It offers adults and children.On this day in different cities held charity events and concerts, to children's homes and hospitals come famous people, and, of course, no child is left without a gift.In the Carpathians, in the National Natural Park "Gutsulyschina" even a manor of St. Nicholas, where everyone can come to the tour.

time to do good
eve of St. Nicholas - the best time to not only tell the kids about charity, but also carefully prepared with them gifts for friends, relative
s, neighbors, as well as for those in need of them.Let him know that this day can be a good assistant saint: not only to get a surprise, but to delight them others.
Look carefully - perhaps next to a poor family, the children are in this day there is no one to give a gift.Why do not you and the child does not make them happy?What to look far ?!Paid a visit grandparents or invite them to your family dinner.They will appreciate the pre-cooked grandchild drawings and crafts.

Long live the family tradition!
If your family is still no traditions associated with the celebration of St. Nicholas - it's time to invent them!The main thing - not gifts, but the festive mood.Create it helps a traditional dish in the preparation of which you certainly will help the whole family, decorations for apartments, such as candles placed around the room, a family concert or game.And you can write each other a few nice words in bright postcards.And in the end of the evening put on a window sill or polished shoes children themselves, in which St. Nicholas at night can put a gift.The main thing that this evening was fun and enjoyed everything.

best gift
What put the kid in the shoe or under the pillow?Do not choose a very expensive gift, because there is still a Christmas and New Year.It is better if Saint Nicholas will bring a gift that the child will be keen on holidays and vacations.This could be a fascinating book, CD- or DVD-ROM with your loved ones or new movies or cartoons, Kits for creativity, a game that you can play with the whole family in the evenings, useful and educational toys.
And, of course, be sure to take into account the wishes of the child.Even us adults, sometimes so eager to make our wishes come true!To do this, offer the child even before the holiday to write a letter to St. Nicholas.This is the case when reading other people's letters is not forbidden.It's okay if you're sending it to one eye will glance in the coveted envelope peeped, as the child of your dreams, and then try to please his long-awaited gift.

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