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Hair Care at home: rules and guidelines

Home Hair Care: The main rules and recommendations

begin with, that the beauty of the hair depends on their proper brushing.Firstly, it should be frequent.It should be combed every time you experience difficulty in passing the strands through his fingers.Secondly, the comb should always be clean, private and match your hair type.Thus, for example, straight and thin hair is combed through the ridge, and thick and crispy - comb with natural bristles.Third, do not forget that the process is not limited to the function of combing unraveling.Slowly and carefully brush drawing of curls, we start the process of blood supply to the roots and provide a gentle massage of the scalp, to actively influence the growth of hair follicles.

second recommendation on home hair care concerns the correct selection of cosmetics.For example, if you have thin, prone to oily hair, do not choose to use all kinds of oil daily.And having a thick and heavy curls, immediately confused when driving, do not neglect the care of air c

onditioners, masks, sprays for unruly hair.

Another piece of advice for the care of domestic concerns experiments with painting.Do not turn from the burning brunette in a platinum blonde home.This is no savings and net stupidity that threatens big problems.Believe me, washing away a week after such an "experiment" pieces of hair in the bathroom, and two in tears vystrigaya penalty in the nearest saloon, you will be desperate to reproach myself for this "amateur".Of course, this is the worst case.At best, you stand not blonde and yellow chicken with a greenish tinge on the top.As a result, to correct this "chic" have shade in the same cabin.

And do not forget to make your home in a variety of hair care with the help of folk remedies.We're talking about the time-tested recipes and products: coconut, olive, and burdock;nettle, chamomile, rose hips;avocado, banana, lemon and honey.For starters can use a nutrient-banana coconut hair mask, a step by step recipe for which we have prepared for you.

universal recipe nourishing mask for all hair types

One of the most popular and effective can be called a home recipe nourishing mask of banana and coconut oil.Preparing it is very fast, the ingredients are quite affordable, and a positive result after its application is obvious after the first half.

Necessary ingredients:

  • coconut oil -1 tablespoon
  • -1 tablespoon liquid honey
  • -1 tablespoon olive oil
  • banana - 1-2 pieces.

stages of cooking:

  1. In the bowl of a blender Put the banana pulp.

  2. To achieve a uniform consistency banana mask to add a spoonful of honey and turn on the blender.

  3. in a homogeneous mass add the olive oil and coconut oil, and re-enable the blender.Mask to grind up until the surface is smooth.Watch out for lack of oil on the surface of islets - if they do not mix, they just settle on your hair and cover them with a dull film.

  4. Having achieved the desired consistency, the mixture can be applied for 30-45 minutes, after which the mask should be thoroughly rinsed favorite shampoo.

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