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The dry ends of hair: causes and treatment at home

Causes of dry hair ends

Before treatment, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes of dry and brittle ends.There are several factors that can trigger the occurrence of this problem:

  • wrong hair care (malnutrition and hydration curls)
  • coloring and perming (these procedures dried hair from within and disrupt its structure)
  • errors in diet (abuse of harmfuleating and lack of vitamins)
  • bad habits (alcohol destroys B vitamins A and B, and nicotine - A, C, E)
  • use of devices that have an aggressive effect on the hair (hair dryers, irons, heated rollers)
  • weakened immunity
  • external influences (cold, dry air, seawater)
  • stresses and neuroses

dry ends: the care and recovery of

Damaged tips just need extra care with moisturizing and feeding means.Among them are: vegetable oils, firming serum and masks based on natural ingredients.

Best's Skin oils for dry tips are: olive, burdock, almond, castor oil, sea buckthorn.Thus, for example, to moisten their ends must be spread with oil for

a few minutes before shampooing.In addition to the supply effect, it will also create a protective film that will protect dry ends from drying cosmetics.

provide excellent moisturizing effect and masks that can be easily made at home.The most common use for these recipes: dairy products, eggs, lemon, yeast, vegetable oil, honey.All these ingredients help restore the moisture level in the hair and revive the damaged ends.

Recipe mask with lemon sour cream to restore dry ends

This homemade recipe has some positive aspects: it is easily and quickly prepared, consists of three components available, and most importantly, has a tremendous effect on posechennye hair.

Necessary ingredients:

  • egg yolk - 1 pc.
  • milk (sour cream, yogurt) - 50 gr.
  • lemon juice - 2 ch. L.

stages of cooking:

  1. All components add to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

  2. With a brush Apply the mixture on dry, carefully combed hair ends.

  3. wraps smeared ends in cellophane and leave for 30-40 minutes.

  4. Then wash off with warm water without shampoo and give your hair dry naturally.

You can apply a mask on the entire length.Procedure should be done two times a week.After the first month of regular sour cream masks, you will forget about dry and brittle hair.

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