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Brondirovanie Hair coloring technology features

brondirovanie hair - what is it?

brondirovanie - modern staining technique that allows for the effect of sun-bleached locks due to a combination of close on tone shades.This technique is especially pleasant for women who can not decide who they would like to be - blonde or brunette.The term "brondirovanie" is a symbiosis of words «brown» (eng. "Brown") and «blond» (eng. "Blonde"), and has appeared in use of hairdressers, colorists a few years ago.

Note that not every practitioner stylist owns this complex method staining.Unfortunately, on their own, without assistance, to achieve the hair fine chiaroscuro game is quite difficult.For this reason brondirovanie hair at home - a procedure troublesome and unsafe.It involves the use of special brightening agents that requires professional skills and knowledge.Therefore it is better to entrust this work to good master colorist.

brondirovanie Hair dyeing procedure

Tools Required:

  • Clarifying powder
  • cream oxidant 1,5-3%
  • paint
  • barbershop brush to app
    ly dye
  • bowl for mixing the dye composition
  • gloves
  • Clips
  • hair comb with fine teeth
  • disposable robe
  • kitchen scales

Stages brondirovanie:

  1. traditional painting begins with the diagnosis of the hair and determine the level of depth of tone (UGT), the study of natural and cosmetic bases.Based on the data master colorist determined by coloring substances, and then begin to discolor.If
  2. tresses were pre-painted, the discoloration occurs via strands clarifying creams or powders mixed with the oxidant in a ratio of 1: 1.5 or 1: 2.To achieve a net result, it is recommended to use a cream-oxide low percent (1.5-3%, at least - 6%).If you achieve the required level of depth of tone in one step does not work, then the procedure can be repeated.Thus, we can minimize the damage to the structure curls, especially if brondirovanie conducted in dark hair with a level of depth below the tone light-haired.

  3. application of dye necessary to start from the bottom of the occipital area, gradually rising to the top.Minimal time of the procedure can be achieved by using the following algorithm:
    • separate strand thickness of 2 cm and a width of 4-5 cm
    • much as possible to delay it to a comfortable angle for hands
    • with a brush apply a clarifying composition of light diagonal strokes,leaving "the wrong" part of each strand are not dyed

    Important!The fibers of the brush should slide only on the surface of the strand, without penetrating into its depths.
  4. Dwell time on the hair lightening composition should not take more than 40 minutes under constant visual control - you can not wrap up his head.Then the bleaching composition to be rinsed shampoo deep clean and gently dry strands.
  5. .
  6. final stage - toning.The selected shade of paint mixed with cream-oxide 1.5-2% in the proportion of 1: 2 and applied to slightly damp hair for 20 minutes.For a more natural effect reprimand the sun alternate layers of hair must be dyed and untouched composition of the strands.If done brondirovanie dark, not bright, as in the photo, while the composition of exposure should be reduced to 15 minutes.

Note!For brondirovanie better to choose warm colors and cool and artificial - be avoided.That warm colors to visually make the result more natural coloration.