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Fashion Victim Andre Tan

Firstly, the white is really very popular this season.Second, the color represents purity of style.The fact that my collection was built on the theme of fencing, and this topic designers often exploited, so I wanted to combine it with the other - with digital technology.I am interested in the topic of the future, I do not like the prefix neo-neo-romanticism, neoclassicism ... I'm just a fan of the ultra-modern, trendy.Therefore, this collection was pure white, with a small presence of gray.Andre, as it is important for the actual right accessories?

We live in a time when it is important not so much wear as accessories.The dress from the latest collection and the girl can not buy, but the accessories she should be the most relevant.What exactly should just accessories this season, and you can not do without?Large bags are no longer in vogue.As for shoes, irrelevant stud.Shoes must be either wedges or platform, or on a massive heel that looks like it was taken from the designer "Lego" and accidentally pu

t to shoes or boots.

These heels
collections Givenchy and Balenciaga.Belts need thin, even better a few thin belts - American designers, for example, offer a wide belt from behind, and in front divided into several belts.

in vogue big flashy jewelry - plastic, rubber, made of shells, migrated in the current season of the past summer.Because, as I said, is actual white and beige, designers offer to decorate yourself with something bright.However, relevant and stones Swarovsky.By the way, you need to choose wisely beige: a couple of shades darker or lighter skin, if a girl does not want to appear "naked queen."Probably, electronic gadgets can also be considered as fashion accessories?In our country - especially.According to what the girl cell phone, you can judge the style housewife and how active she watches a fashion.Our girl prefers to remain without lipstick by Dior, but not without a new mobile telephones.Especially if it is a model addressed the true fashionista - how glamorous white phone Samsung La Fleur.This, of course, a necessary accessory for the fashionable and stylish.Models show my admiration: stone panel sign reminds Fashion TV!I also really like the design of this line of phones.In addition, for me as a man more important than functionality.I have over five years of use phones Samsung, and they are always satisfied: they are reliable and have a user-friendly menu.

fashion victim
Andre Tan, you've even created several dresses, inspired the design of the line Samsung Le Fleur?Yes, this is the last four onions in my collection - mini-dresses, quilted in white silk and black mesh on a beige cover, creates the illusion of bare skin.Grid quilt so that the resulting scar is on your phone.These dresses can be used as a cocktail, and can be worn to work, if you wear a jacket - Andre advises.

comfortable situation

woman briskly paced faulty city streets in an elegant designer shoes heels, men admired, the ladies - respect!After the famous movie script in which the young lady in the boat heels confidently soars along a busy roadway, but it was on a hidden away from prying eyes the territory of his own apartment, first with tear-weary feet "beautiful vise" and falls helplessly on the sofa - to the pain (often in the literal sense of the word) mark each of us.

dispel prejudices
that is either comfortable shoes, or beautiful, and the option "two in one" - rather a myth, this season volunteered to BCBG Max Azria, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, as well as the champions of sales dailystylish shoes - Danish brand Ecco.Recent inquiries have focused on the business person, and pokreativili - established a premium series of elegant shoes with heels that are easily set in the classic "jacket + Pencil Skirt" fit and complement the cocktail dress.New models of fashion victims Andre Tan, noteworthy for at least two reasons: firstly, special sewing technology and the most adapted to the anatomy of the foot instep ensure comfort regardless of the distance square footage;secondly, exceptional materials - leather reptiles noble colors that adapts to the most sophisticated wardrobes in the neighborhood of Birkin and dresses by Azzedine Alaia.

Beautiful freedom fighters willing to leave the podium and get to spring street.In fashion returns khaki trousers which combines with a hint of breeches, luxury hussar jackets and dresses in the style of "Desert Storm."Add to the image patch pockets with flaps or more leather straps, cap head Madonna or gladiator sandals.And yet - ornaments that look like the spoils of war.

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