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Bond girl Olga Kurylenko from Ukraine

Contrary popular belief that career "standard Bond Girl" ends after "the end of the film," Olga continued to operate successfully and starred in three films, including released in April, the historical thriller "Centurion" with Michael Fassbender in the leadrole.On the way - a project with Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel and directed "Gattaca", the shooting of the drama of the Chernobyl (for it came from French Michel Boganim Israeli origin), as well as car and small truck scenarios for consideration.

«I was invited to open the London premiere
" Ava-packaging ", which starred my good friend Michelle Rodriguez - sigh actress.- But it did not because of the work schedule, I had to fly to Los Angeles.At the premiere of the time no longer find the way: constantly have to teach monologues for auditions, read the script, not to mention the additional literature.Now, for example, in the midst of study "The Brothers Karamazov", "The Idiot" and "Anna Karenina" for one of the films.Hello, school! »

Olga knows her worth, and not after a tenacious headlines in the tabloids.After moving actress from Paris to London, I never saw it in any of the paparazzi, salads, scattered through the pages of British newspapers.After moving to London, where you will now feel at home?

.In Paris, strangely enough.However, nothing strange - there I spent almost half of his life.He is gone in 16 years, and after working as a model, started acting in movies there, too.Especially I love walking around Paris.Through the Tuileries, past the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and more.In London, too, I was walking when she lived at Covent Garden.It somehow brighter, more colors.The French do not like the brightness, follow the classical style, and in London, everywhere you look - yellow, red, blue.And what style you prefer?

.The main thing that no heels.I love yellow, but I have a lot of things and neutral: gray, black, beige.Most importantly - without heels.

And those who are invited to parties and balls - also without heels?OK I'm a terrible homebody.Back in Paris, when just beginning to work as a model, everyone said: "What are you sitting at home?Walk until the young! "And I liked home with a book.The funny thing is - who told me that, until now walk, and I'm working on.Do you miss any of the French friends?

Olga.Yes.Until recently, all roads lead Bond girl from Ukraine, Olga Kurylenko in Paris.Many friends left there, but on the other hand - not too far from London to Paris, took the train - and all.Last New Year's Eve, however, did not work, again because of work.But in London, I finally met Natasha Vodianova.We've opened one and the same person, but, oddly enough, before we met.

, that geography affects your work: You appeared in two British films, along with British stars including Lily Cole.

OK Quite the contrary.I moved as living in London, my favorite agent - hence the project.Also convenient was to fly to Los Angeles.London plays a role, for example, a transit point.I was even at the UK travel once, I'm just here on the set.It was great when filming "Centurion" in Scotland.What a beautiful there, on the Scottish hills!Although it was winter, and to the place of the shooting every day we brought in tanks.Rather, almost in the tank - on machines with tracks.In another way to get there was not, except on foot.What I once had to do when our "tank" stuck on the edge of a cliff.I got out and said, "As you wish, then I walk, so safer!" Your character in "Centurion" - a rather belligerent lady.

Olga.Oh yeah!It - The leader of the tribes of the Picts, and it is better not to get in the way: Athey quite deftly cuts the throat of the Romans, and throws an ax.Another curious detail: Etain dumb.It was very interesting to work with the role.In the scenario described Etain as a wolf, and I tried to use this hint.I remember you said that the role of Camille in bondiane you had to train hard.It is the same story, OK No, then I drove in the tail and mane, and shooting "Centurion" were more like dance lessons.Of course, first I had to learn to use knives.Couple del we do not spend it, but it was more fun than difficult.

You talk like a man selflessly devoted gym.

OK No way!If the script does not require, in my room did not drag.I do not even try, because I know that every day I will invent a hundred reasons for truancy.I was terribly bored there.When you need some tricks to shoot and they taught me specifically - it's interesting, fascinated.By the way, when it comes to tricks, I was lucky with the constitution, probably.I remember when a kid came to the first class of ballet, everyone in the class carefully stretched and warmed up to the splits, and I just went and sat down.

first attempt

On what basis to choose roles?

Olga.I should be interested in the story itself, and of course, the character's feelings.Who I disclaim roles of girls who appear in the film as a free app for the hero, man.I have passed this way, and now I'm interested in the strong characters, not soundless furniture.Although much depends on the director: I, for example, run run to the set if Lars von Trier invite me to play the furniture!You once said that you often learn in the film "Hitman" and not for "Quantum of Solace."How so?OK Yes, and the truth, it is strange!"Quantum", of course, contributed to my popularity, but if people recognize me on the street, then for some reason called "The Hitman."This film for me means a lot.

I'm beginning
filming in France and for French actresses to find work abroad is not so simple.I tried to get through, went to New York with his videorezyume where I was told: "We do not watch French films.Do something in America. "But how could I do this without an agent?Vicious circle.Suddenly came the application to the casting of "Hitman" - and began to turn.As soon as the film was released, agents themselves began to pick off my phone.This film opened the door for me in the English-language film.Please tell us about your role in the film "There Be Dragons".You starred, along with Lily Cole?

OK Unfortunately, we have not met Lily at the site because we did not have scenes together.But I really enjoyed working on this painting.I play Hungarian anarchist, that 19-year-old leaves his native country, he went to Spain and joins the International Brigades.

I was unsure
, fans "Hitman" and "Quantum" buy a ticket for a film about the Spanish Civil War.

OK Of course not.The perfect combination - acting in commercial and non-commercial films.That is to say, for ourselves and for the public.I know a great number of actors who are stuck in the author's cinema, and no one knows about them, despite their undeniable talent.I am glad that I have the opportunity to work on both sides of the barricades.The film "Land of Oblivion" about the events in Chernobyl, the shooting of which you embark in May on which side of the fence?

OK This author's cinema, a joint Ukrainian-French production, with Ukrainian and Russian actors.Scenario me so impressed that I just could not say "no."I have not read such a long time.You talked to the survivors of the Chernobyl disaster?

OK I want to do it
, when I come to Ukraine is ready to shoot.I already have looked as much documentary material!Now before my eyes a clear picture of the events and not only human suffering, but also the cynicism of politicians gloss over what is happening.It is terrible to realize that the state does not care about its citizens, but only how it looks!Fortunately, there are people in the world who care about the truth.

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