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Dressing the modern woman

What does it mean?

Well-chosen items will allow you to arrange the necessary accents in your form.Eternal ideal female figure resembles the silhouette of the hourglass.Clothing matched correctly emphasizes the waist, bust and hips.Whatever you do not always figure you can visually Sause waist, increase or decrease the volume of the thighs, chest or increase the stress.

also well-written help Closet with a small number of things to create different versions of dresses.Such a selection is called a basic wardrobe things, it is the basis of your individual style.

What to consider?

When preparing your wardrobe is necessary to consider all the features of your figure, style of dress you prefer to wear and the way of life that you lead.

It is worth paying attention to what style of dress you choose before making a decision about the change of wardrobe, of how much it suits you?

necessary to correlate the new style with your lifestyle, with your regular job.For example mini skirt and stiletto heels ar

e not suitable for physical work and those who lead an active lifestyle.

also no less important the color of your clothes, her style and time of the year for which you make a wardrobe.

you selected things should go well with each other, to meet the different needs and need at different moments in your life - to be quite universal.Well established wardrobe is the one in which you can easily and quickly pick up clothes for work, leisure or parties.The main rule is a basic wardrobe exception to his unusual and extravagant things.All this can be put to him with additional objects and accessories.

How to choose the right clothes?

basis for selection of things at all times was to analyze their needs and wishes, their compliance with the same trends in fashion, for example a classic pantsuit relevant already on the attraction of two centuries.Using the list, you will be easier to resist the temptation to buy the usual things, which then will lie in the depth of the cabinet.

main colors of clothing are considered black, white, and various shades of brown, gray and blue.This color palette is suitable for business suits, shoes and accessories, as well as strict coat.The blouses and shirts must present a bright and soft colors.

bright, bright accents are selected based on the selection of the basic color scheme of things.These accents can be bags, scarves, ties, gloves and scarves.Selection of bright things depend on one or another way of life.For example, if you prefer the classic style of the conservative, the acid colors should be avoided.If you prefer the bright colors in the clothes, the colors are no restrictions, the main thing that it came to other things.

How to go shopping?

Because of prevailing in our time of abundance, both the stores and the choices are not necessary to fly for shopping, as soon as it comes into your head.First, let's just go look at the prices and options for future purchases.It would be good if some of them you will try on, it will give an idea of ​​how correct your choice - some things you would prefer to defer, others may seem unnecessary.

Then, if you truly undecided, you need to take, and prepared a list of the necessary amount of money.His choice is to stop only on those things that go well with the already acquired, approach them in style.To add a basic wardrobe you can after get used to new things and style.

Having learned these simple rules stylists, fashion designers, every woman will be able to answer for themselves the question: how to make a woman's wardrobe, and apply the answer in practice.