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As a son, Anna Bol'shova

Doctors were shocked!

I was a very active lifestyle, I continued to play performances, starred in the film and, moreover, up to five months, went on tour with the show "Ice Symphony" Ilia Averbukh.I would not risk it if I was not sure in your partner Alexei Tikhonov.Toward the end of the ice performances, when we did support, I asked Lesha that he took me by the chest, not the stomach.Even so, I have the feeling that in Daniel was "hiding" (or "duck").And I left the tour.At the end of the fifth month he surrendered to the antenatal clinic.When it learned that I could not come earlier, as participated in the ice tour, everyone was shocked!

I thought, I'll wear a wig

I had no need to prepare to leave some strengthening of action.I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, eating a lot of years Practicing vegetarianism.The only thing I did - it took prenatal vitamins from the first to the last months.And it was right.Then I wondered, "Wow, I have so many burdens, and I have such a good hair!So cool - a

month feed the child, and I have such a good hair.And now I have two months of feed, and hair better and better! ".But at some point, and vitamins are not saved - hair climbed!Comb the front of a mirror, I look down - all sinks in her hair.It was a nightmare!I consoled myself: "Well, no big deal now developed industry of artificial hair wigs can be worn good!".And then began the recovery process.And by the time I finished breastfeeding, I realized that hair loss does not threaten me - the body cope.

pain is necessary.It strengthens the link between mother and child.

in Siberia live my relatives - brother, sister ... My husband and I thought and decided to give birth there.As for the birth it was very painful!But I deliberately took this step and refused anesthesia.Sometimes it seemed, everything is possible!But I told myself: "Stop, madam!So many centuries, people came into the world, then maybe. "And the other options do not exist!I fully felt the that the appearance of the child of the light brings pain.And only thanks to her between mother and child occurs strong psycho-emotional connection.The son became indifferent to me for life.And now I'll do anything to have happened to him trouble because he got to me too dearly!Here is the answer to how Anna has a son Bol'shova.

It is important to choose a doctor

safely go through natural childbirth helped me a unique doctor.I must admit, I had a difficult situation, and it could result in cesarean section.But he took responsibility for errors, as long as I gave birth to herself.Hit me in the other hand, no one would listen to me and did not.In the end, I safely delivered!

I am against cots

We are one of those parents who do not accept cot.I'm surprised when the baby at birth is placed separately, and even into the next room with the door soundproofing.Just not in the way.How can he interfere?Daniel sleeps all the time with us.At the same time, I was mentally prepared for sleepless nights, because I saw how restless sleep in infancy, my younger brother, David, who is now nine years old.But when the son was born, it seemed to me that he sleeps all the time.Then he began to grow, and we are with him adapt himself to sleep "partially": go to the bathroom, ate and fell asleep again.Initially, eight times a night, then six, then four.We wake up close to ten in the morning.So it is spilled.Now, get up once or twice per night.However, before he wakes up, six or seven in the morning.And once it becomes a very active - there's no must lie!

son to mother - a mom and dad - a father!

Our dad from the first months of baby's life learned anything except feeding because I was breast-feeding.But I tried not to load it much because it worked, and he needed to sleep.However, the time came when I had to go on tour.Here it is our dad had to take responsibility for themselves.The first time I left them alone.It was scary!The husband then I was surprised confessed that simple child care proved not so simple.For the son of the pope - that's all!Mom - a matter of course, and my father - a father!And also the person to whom you can completely trust yourself!

why we have no problems when my mother goes to the play, and the child begins to cry hysterically, "Mom, do not go!".Daniel sits quietly at the hands of the Pope and said to me: "Bye, bye!".He was happy to remain with her husband, because he is well with him.Just as with the nurse, by the way.

main thing - with the nurse find a common language

When my husband became clear that the nurse "not far off" and no options, it is necessary to take, then we suddenly realized that for us it's a disaster!I can not imagine how it is possible to entrust his treasure to a stranger.I remember Anyuta called - his wife's father and wondered: "Anya, you trust us to David?".So my husband and I were in an enormous pressure on this issue as long as happily all by itself is not allowed.We have not started the search for a nanny deployed as one of our good friend, I went into the family came under the cut.His child she was an adult, and at that time she had no idea what to do to her.Once she was visiting us, we began to talk about the fact that we need a babysitter.And then we realized that that's the kind of person who can be trusted with children.They offered to try, she said yes.Now we thank God for it!It is responsible, in her wonderful character, clever, quick-reaction.And the most important thing in any difficult situation we have on both sides there is a desire to find common ground and not to quarrel and fled in different directions.

I sing baby songs on the phone

During the tour, we communicate with him on Skype and by phone.I sing songs depicting cartoons, telling tales.Daniel comfortable with my absence, and I miss very badly!Sometimes the food in the car, I brake at the traffic lights and start kissing mobile phone with his photo.Can you imagine what I think about the surrounding drivers ?!

not milk and cream!

course, only to plunge into the care of the kid - it was sweet desire.But once out of greed to be with him had to be abandoned.For the sake of the child!We live in a material world and its laws.Work brings money and they make it possible to contain it, to teach, the surrounding beauty.So if mom does not work to the detriment of the crumbs, then the effect of it is only positive.As I nursed, Danya was with me even on the performances.They were waiting for me with a nanny in the dressing room, he ate, if he wanted to, I quietly left the stage, and he sweetly asleep.

Colleagues looking at my chubby, laughing: "You do not milk and cream!" On the breast milk son grew so fast that six months have already looked like a year-old child.Therefore, in the eight and a half months, it was decided to transfer him to a self-powered.Arose the question of stability in his life.After all, this kid hard constantly changing environment and get into different situations during the transfers.So now my son sedentary, normal kids mode.

, that the child will develop from the first day.

I do not like it too, because I see a great result.I had prepared all sorts of different songs, nursery rhymes, exercises with her fingers, at the hearing on account of charging all kinds.But I'll start as he falls asleep.So upset!I was comforted - all ahead!Hardly son started awake longer, we'd do it all.He became quickly respond to sounds, colors, easily focus on specific lesson.Also from the month comes to us grudnichkovomu swimming instructor, and Danya floated in the bathroom all the rules.After four months, we have to drive it to the pool, where the son has more thoroughly learn to swim.

Now he is a year old, and I'm already thinking about the school.

We were lucky.We all teachers to develop their own son.Sister musician, artist dad, my goddaughter is fluent in Chinese ... And that's not all!It was funny when Danya published my first cry, then all at once said: "It is clear!Voice - in my mother! ".

A mountain-where?No grief!

Kids act up, not because "mischievous" - they do not yet know how!And because they are upset.Now Daniel so the age when he wants to achieve everything at once.And if he sometimes that something is impossible, he is naughty, or rather upset.His grief.And my task to explain that in fact there is no grief.Once you are playing with musical Engine That starts to sound when you put it on wheels and katish.Son did not manage it.All!Train flying, Daniel shouts.I explained twenty times as you need to put train that he "began to sing."And saying at the same time: "Well, what's the mountain, capricious, let's see, is there trouble?It is necessary to do so-and-so, you have not, it does not matter, try again, I'll help you ... A mountain-where?No grief! ".We put together and train rides, puffing and fun strumming the melody.Any children's "whims" and explain the need to disassemble.

Happiness see
first steps baby

desire for walking our baby appeared long ago.Up to two months, it was reflex.Then, when we supported him under the arms, he always strove to cross and legs: top-top-top.And then it began even funnier.He became Jumping.Supports it, but it - jumping, jumping, jumping legs.And this desire to get back on his feet has always been.So we were very surprised when the neurologist on the planned inspection said that our son would rather late - a year and two months.However, she examined him after a ten-Danya ill and was very weak.Perhaps, therefore, to draw such conclusions.We are a bit confused, as the desire to see his son will start walking.But do not upset when meet, then go.And this event occurred when Daniel was months.I was preparing to leave for a tour, and before that, he gave me six separate steps.Prior to that, the son tried to walk holding on to the wall, and all that came to hand.And then he went, without support, exercising extreme caution.Step - stop - find balance, step - stop - finding a balance.And so six times!And then splash on the ass!I was tempted to call a neurologist and say, "You know, our boy has already gone!".Now Danya does not go, he runs.In the evenings, worn around the apartment so that our dad calls it burning fuel before bedtime.As the plane before landing, cut circles over the airport and burns fuel.

Washing machine
suffer most.

son loves to play with balls: throwing, catching, running over them.They had many and various forms, colors and textures.Very fond of experimenting, putting balls into the washing machine.Therefore, before its launch, we check to see if it Danechkinyh toys.She adores mad sounding, growling, squeaking machine.A special joy for him - to throw a car into a water bath.As a rule, they do not survive after that, but the miracle of Chinese-made struck me.Once at the bottom, the machine continued to surf the bath, and only the sound of her under the water became muffled.When I pulled out of her, she still continued to move and sing.I was shocked!But most of all I like the passion with which my child takes, pours, and then puts back in different containers all sorts of minor little things.When this passion of his visits, I have a chance to talk to fold scattered Danya designer items in the bag.The main thing - to catch the moment!

There are children's things for which parents are grateful to their inventors.

We loved the wonderful cradle to rocking.Our son has grown out of it for a long time.But as he falls asleep in her best, then naps when you need to quickly go to sleep, we keep it in her rocking.When his legs began to rest against the wall, we have bent it, and now they hang down.The spectacle of ridiculous, but without the cradle in any way!But the baby carrier is unacceptable for us.It seems to me sitting in it, grudnichok takes an unnatural posture, which is bad for the spine.

For me, sonny
- the simulator that helps you stay in shape.

I was just lucky.During pregnancy, I gained many kilos as needed.And during delivery lost more than gained.Then again he scored during feeding.

But given that my son grew rapidly and gaining weight well, and it was for me the trainer who helped to stay in shape.First he had to wear, to raise up high and show all what he showed curiosity.Then he began to actively move, and I tried to keep up with him everywhere.When I stopped feeding, afraid that it was then, and I will spread.

But it so happened that I have managed to lose weight even more.I have absolutely no time, and the desire to go to a fitness and beauty salons.I once again take part in the show "Ice Age."This year they have collected all the winners of past projects.So that I will fitness on ice.And the free time that I get, I try to spend with my family.

I skin and nerve cells
feel the danger around the baby

All the information about the children is now perceived very acutely.When I hear that somewhere a child is suffering, all the flips inside.The feeling that by and large I do not have opportunities to all children suffering, I have increased responsibility to their own child.And I try to make it as happy.I stasis almost skin and nerve cells to sense danger and problems that threaten him.Something has changed in psychophysics and in relation to life.This was reflected in my roles.In the first play after the decree, which I played ("The Royal Game"), the story of Anne Boleyn, who gave birth to a child by King Henry VIII, and all that is connected with it, sounded to me quite unexpectedly, in a new way.I experienced different emotions, because she already knew what it means to be a mother and be responsible for the baby.