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Boy: angels and demons

children who came to the cinema straight from school, rarely grow - at least in the eyes of the viewer.At DiCaprio situation is exacerbated by the fact that he, in general, nothing else in life do not know how, but to portray strangers on camera.That other, more conscious young stars like Natalie Portman, certainly eager to get the "normal" education and defend the bachelor's and master.Leo behind not even a theater school or "machine-gun courses" acting.Kindergarten drama club - and that is not!Leonardo DiCaprio - a self-taught actor, not even graduated from college.No matter how incredible it may seem.

It was like this.Parents Leo - Italian-American, George DiCaprio, an underground comic artists artist and emigrant from Germany Irmelin Indenbirken, judicial secretary - divorced when he was less than two years old, but his father kept smooth relations with the same family, even after successfully acquirednew.One day at dinner, George boasted success eldest son of his new wif

e: "And Adam has earned 50 thousand dollars for shooting commercials!" - "How-how much ?!" - a five-year, Leo nearly choked mashed potatoes: the money it seemed somethingquite extraordinary.Today the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio there is a large set.

do it as a profession he was not going.As a child dreamed of becoming DiCaprio oceanographer and study the dolphin - he subsequently sublimated childhood dream to active environmental protection activities, topped the list of "green" Hollywood.

It is worth making a few refinements to explain why Leo's easy enough to hit the cage and television advertising business.First, he was born and raised in Los Angeles, near Los Feliz, which is called "Hollywood ghetto."Here, not in the level of crime prosperous place, settled actors-losers and other unrecognized geniuses who fell victim to the cruel world.The air Los Feliz consisted of foreign victories and defeats, and the measure was considered a wealthy man Display only success.Living in such an atmosphere from early childhood, not to imprint itself in the subcortex great ambition, which is becoming the most powerful engine on the way to this success.In addition, many local losers have survived previous links - thanks to them, George easily found for the son's agent.And, secondly, baby, thanks to a mixture of Italian, Irish, German and Russian blood, turned existent angel with the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael: round-faced, blue-eyed and golden-haired.For curls to his shoulders, so that my mother and grandmother liked Leo (or Dee, as it is called mother in childhood), junior DiCaprio street teased "girl" and "noodles" - but the TV crew of the kids adored.

and George DiCaprio advised to show their "ill-mannered" child psychiatrist.To the credit of Leo, he quickly pulled himself together and learned how to behave at the auditions, "I just stopped to please, someone else other than yourself.He began to think about his character, not by casting.When children ask me now how to become an actor, I say, "Teach your words, work on the role, throw begun."But really need to say more: "The main thing - do not worry about what people think about you around."

purposefulness and perseverance, coupled with the desire to constantly learn new things, have done their job: in 15 years, DiCaprio constantly flashed on American television (actually, that's why, after graduating from school, and Leo did not go to college - consideredhe does not need it).His specialty steel as troubled teens - necessary for this role devilish charm he had a full.The names of the projects in which he was involved, our audience will not say anything, except one: "Santa Barbara."Even after the "Titanic", at the height of "leomanii" we showed an episode of the television series of the infinite, in which Leo played the young Mason Capwell.Interestingly, the casting director general took into consideration that the adult Mason (Lane Davies) - brown-eyed brunette, not blonde, blue-eyed?

angelic appearance
DiCaprio only once almost served him bad service: Laos Hal strive director of the film "What's Eating Gilbert Gray-na?" Found that for the role of teen-downs, the younger brother of the hero Johnny Depp, 18year-old actor too smazliv.But tries to convince him otherwise.Roles mentally retarded traditionally considered one of the most serious test of acting, and his Leo survived brilliantly received his first nomination for "Oscar".Childhood is over.Leonardo DiCaprio was in the big leagues, where he was a test of this glory.

young men between Rimbaud and Romeo

combat childhood Summarizing, we can say that it has been issued at the Leo is quite happy.In general, he thinks so too: when in place of the house where he spent his early years, built a public library, DiCaprio presented her computer class.But what a Hollywood child without small and large children's injuries?That of Leo managed to find a whole: "When I was five years old, I saw from the balcony of my friend, in the house next door two fag sex.For a long time I could not think of anything else ever surfaced this vile picture. "I wonder if she floated him during the shooting of films with the participation of Leonardo Dikprio "Total Eclipse", dedicated to the loving relationship of French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud?David Thewlis, who played Verlaine, advised partner (as it may sound ambiguous word) do not penetrate too deeply - in the end, it's just a job.Kissing with David Leo imagined in his place someone of his girlfriends, and mentally cursed his stupid boy's feelings, to force him to agree to this role only because it was originally supposed to play Rambo who was killed River Phoenix ...

«Total Eclipse»
although added to the number of fans DiCaprio many men notorious orientation, not alienated from the actor girls.Oh, something which, as women's attention Leo has always been - a spade oars.First girlfriend, he started at age 13, and he earned it on ice cream.And reaching, as they say in legal documents, "age of consent", our angel, if you believe the tabloids, had a ball.When suddenly the actor recently admitted that, it turns out, has always felt uncomfortable with beautiful girls ("I'm indecisive - is the weak side of my character"), it is, I think, great surprise of most girls ...

Here it is necessary to make one moreretreat, lest you very much mistaken with regard to Leo.The fact that it is not intellectual.He does not read clever books, not watching arthouse cinema complex and recites his Pass Petrarch's sonnets in the original.Romantic mood mother named him in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, before the picture is the first time she felt the push of a child in her belly.

talk about personal life of Leonardo DiCaprio, we tread on shaky ground unreliable tabloid gossip and scandals inflated.All because he never answers intimate questions in the interview and commented "sensation" associated with his name.We have to build a picture of circumstantial evidence - so every appearance of Leo in public with a new lady makes journalists pririsovyvat its fuselage of another star, but the actor himself, of course, never asked them to do.

In Don Juan list
DiCaprio media efforts were Juliette Lewis and Sharon Stone, Liv Tyler and Hilary Swank, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen, Kate Moss and Demi Moore, Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Biel, even Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!Not to mention his co-stars: Claire Danes ("Romeo + Juliet"), Virginie Ledoyen ("The Beach"), Kate Winslet ("Titanic", "Revolutionary Road") ... As for Winslet, however, thereanother version: that the Leo they became best friends because she otshila it.Something seems to me that it is not in its "skorpionistom" character to forgive such things - so that the friendship between a man and a woman, it seems, still exists.Only Leo allowed to tease Winslet, calling her "fatso", and it is something so mean.

question about the main woman in his life Leonardo was settled once and for all when DiCaprio said that the only woman that he gives the diamonds - is his mother.The heart of a caring son and grandson gave it to my mother Irmelin, but still beloved grandmother, nee Elena Smirnova (she is the daughter of Russian immigrants, she later emigrated from Germany to America).Unfortunately, in August last year, Leo's grandmother died at the age of 93 years.

As to his success
women, then to him our Romeo, even in the wake of "leomanii" philosophically, "You always want to remember you because of your work, not the glory of" tidbits months. "New handsome face is always there. "Tired of the crowds of young fans, who even ended up with a great love for the actor, and the image of the romantic hero, DiCaprio played his role very Samoironichnye - scandalous star sybarite-clubbers in the "Celebrity" of Woody Allen - and went to the bottom on two long years.The new millennium was to show the world the new Leo - not a boy, but her husband.It is time challenging roles and make informed decisions.

Man: the road changes

Romeo is dead, long live the Howard Hughes!Henceforth role Leonardo DiCaprio - not vicious hero-lover, and difficult personality in difficult circumstances.Frivolous downshifter, a tropical paradise, which suddenly turned hell ("The Beach").Avenger, went to war with the all-powerful mafia ("Gangs of New York").The eccentric billionaire, rushing between genius and madness ("The Aviator").Nervous undercover cop ("The Departed"), "The Aviator" and "Blood Diamond," DiCaprio brought two more nominations for "Oscar" - a former girl's idol, in recent years, lost its youthful appearance of ephemeral, serious plans.

, knowing unpretentious tastes of the actor, I think it would be more relished the role in any film adaptation of the comic book, than in the next biopic or a political thriller.He wanted to play Anakin Skywalker in the second episode of "Star Wars" - but Lucas chose to see this as an attractive, but do not become familiar Hayden.And only now, harvest premiums and landed in the rating of the magazine Time «The most influential people in the world", Leo came close to his dream by writing in her diary preparations for the shooting kinokomiksa "Aquaman" and full-length version of the mystical series "The Twilight Zone."However, in his plans there is quite a serious role of the young Theodore Roosevelt ...

Pair suicide
two girls jumped off the roof, holding in hands photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, it was yet another confirmation of the fact that art and life is much closerto each other, than it seems at first glance.Leo began to realize it, perhaps even when played minor drug addict in the movie "The Basketball Diaries."In one scene, his character fantasizes as shooting their classmates and teachers.Two years later, 14-year-old Michael Carney from the provincial town of West Padouk shot eight people in a school of prayer.At the trial he said that it

In 2007, after the release of DiCaprio-produced documentary on the ecological theme "11th hour", the actor hit the hundred most influential people in the world by the authoritative magazine Time.Commenting on this fact, Martin Scorsese, who directed DiCaprio in "Gangs of New York", "The Aviator" and "The Departed," said the life-changing: "The kid grew up and became a man."

Recent projects
Leonardo DiCaprio really change the world - at least, make him think about the important things.Sam Mendes 'Revolutionary Road' as it is impossible, by the way, hit the hard times of the economic crisis and the collapse of the "American Dream."And after the movie "Blood Diamond", spoke about the cruel world of the underground trade in diamonds, these seemingly eternal jewels have become a target for ridicule journalists.Now the stars, put too much pompous ornaments, risk being accused of bad taste and support "diamond mafia".

In regard to his personal life, "the last playboy Hollywood" is also set to more than seriously.He set a personal record for the duration of the romantic relationship, four years provstrechalis with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.Pretty woman wearing an expressive nickname "The Body", already mentally trying on a wedding dress and thought out, what outfit for the wedding of his sister.However, their "Italian" novel, with constant quarrels and reconciliations, finally ended in nothing.That only worked no love - say, once Giselle, angry with her lover, "in spite of" his hair cut nalyso and as such went to her parents in Brazil, mourn own stupidity.

about the reasons for their final
gap "sources close to the couple," reported that DiCaprio is not in a hurry with a proposal of marriage (and even rumored to be flirting with Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz).It is still alive youthful fear of losing personal freedom?Perhaps the best way to call it self-sufficiency: "I am almost constantly looking for a close person next to me.But at the same time I was always enough of his own company - is the ability to make me really strong. "

Bundchen and DiCaprio split in 2005, and two years later the actor suddenly spoke: "We were happy with Giselle.Monogamy - is the key to a good relationship. "In the light of this recognition, all his romantic escapades look like the search for the perfect woman to become a worthy life's companion demonic handsome.In July this year he parted with another "official" girlfriend - Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli - and now again in free flight.How-how old he was executed - thirty-five ?!As my mother said Juliet, "in your long years since I was your mother."

I think we came to the conclusion
, opposite to where we started article: today 35 years for the successful man - not a reason to summarize.By this age, except that modern man has time to completely understand what he wants from life, and begin to move steadily towards the goal.Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have realized - and so it has not surprised us again.Will the us in connection with this new wave of "leomanii"?In this respect, our hero spoke categorically: "I will never reach such a level of popularity, and do not want it.This is not what I want to achieve in life. "And again: "Paradise - a false idea.With age, you realize that happiness - this is what catches you only for a short time and in the most unexpected moments. "

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