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The autobiography of the actress Mary Aronova

Which actress does not believe in mysticism?When Mary first came to the Vakhtangov Theater rehearse "Marriage Bal'zaminova she identified the makeup table Lyudmila Tselikovskaya. Opening the box, Maria could see a tiny scallops and decided that a table someone busy. But he expected it of her, his new mistress. Aronov neatly wrapped scallopsLyudmila Vasilyevna in napkin, and it still is in its usual place. Just a few days filming rehearsal dress, Mary turned her shoulder and saw metochku "Lyudmila Tselikovskaya" Not the fate of it? When Mary was awarded the prize "Crystal Turandot", the greatYulia Borisova presented actress towel, which she once gave himself Toporkov with a warning: "Julia, if you see a man who can pass it as a banner - passes." For Aronova it was a real shock.

In his autobiography
actressMary Aronova said that today Mary in demand in the theater has toured with repertory, she has a busy schedule. But in a movie great work there - the crisis. "But there was plenty of spare time, and

with it - a great opportunity to re-read everything that had accumulated:plays, scripts, as well as to think about the big play, maybe even a one-man show.Masha often in Kiev on tour, takes part in Ukrainian television programs.

and says that it is probably the only city on earth where she gladly moved permanently to Moscow.Mary, are you satisfied with the way your life?My life - a continuous boiling passions, so I fill a space that no one else it could not squeeze.Earlier in love so that the planet is on course beat down.For each of his men wanted to marry.And so, in order to feel better mother, wife, mistress.In order to be irreplaceable throughout.Therefore, the public has chosen profession.

I'm growing
creepy child: all screaming, jealous parents to his brother.Also had incredible self-centeredness - constantly demanded greater attention, eternal praise and admiration.It left me to this day.Compliments and praise - the main key to my heart.

convened in the yard of local grandmothers, hang a sheet (it was the scenery), and arranged a benefit performance of one actor.My dad like antics angered incredible: he was ashamed that her daughter, like a clown, entertain old ladies, but for me it was the only way to assert themselves, I studied inferior only in Russian language and literature, received good grades.Therefore, in the ninth grade he left school and got a job as an artist at the factory in the Union Theatrical Society.This did not know how to draw.

so happened that a few years she was engaged not in the business - social work.This Aronova strictly contraindicated.No it has superior quality public workers - diplomacy.Masha hot.Upon learning of the issue, could not count to ten and relax.Oral proving something beyond comprehension.And when you realize that is not right, it was too late.For example, in the school, she was chosen as secretary of the Komsomol.

Somehow Mikhail Ulyanov
proposed to introduce in Aronov hudsovet Vakhtangov Theatre, and quickly regretted his actions.And he asked her out.Of course, Mary is trying to work on yourself, but it does not always work.Inside Aronova live two completely different people.One - loud, constantly climbing ahead and get a head.The second - a gentle, timid, docile.You've probably experienced a difficult departure from the life of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Ulyanov?It stands out because you are treated with love and affection?

course.Mikhail was for me not only a leader, as his grandfather.We have built almost family relationship, I can at any time refer to nemuza Council, borrow money, complain.And he - and pat on the head and on the strap to the pope.I think many of us in situations like children.But sooner or later you have to get up from their chairs and little going forward.Time something heavy.If today to distract from their own problems, remove the blinders and look around, it is easy to understand that who came to the place of Mikhail Ulyanov Rimas Tuminas much harder than the actors.

As for pets, then those of the Ulyanov was not.He loved everyone and all justified, and the theater, and to the people working in it are treated equally fairly.The uniqueness of this man was that he had originally set a goal: being the head, not hurt any of destiny.Therefore, its decisions are to be sufficiently soft and sharp.

Long before the arrival of the Vakhtangov Theater in Mary's life was literally Aronova woven from a chain of incredible events.In 14 years on the beet harvest in the labor camp, she met with the Uzbek young men by the name of Ulugbek, who affectionately girl a named Lulu.Lulu was 27, but they've decided to get married.Already parents gave good, and began to prepare for the wedding.We waited very small - when the bride turns 16.

And it came 16 years.Masha went to the Komsomol camp, where the rest creative youth, Bohemia.And is the moment of enlightenment.If the machine is not like my mother some of your new friends daughter, she said: "Mary, this man is not from your union."It was at Camp Mary entered into "their" union.No sex, no wine, but Incredible creative atmosphere.After returning home, Mary broke up with Lulu.Of course, the girl was trying to do it as gently, gently.And he, poor, crying, and his relatives suffered.Well, what be helped if the feeling vanished.However, by Ulugbek actress today receives congratulations on March 8.

Soon Masha
became a student of the Shchukin School.And immediately I decided to become a lady adult and independent - moved from mom and dad to the hostel.

Well, you found in the "Pike" person of their union?

There's always talked about some mysterious Vlad - untapped genius of the identity of the fantastic, which all admire.It is not only the soul of the company - the center of the universe, I remember, I washed the floor in the room, went into the corridor with dirty basin, cloth, disheveled, with a chosen hem.And here in front of me there is a third-familiar with a strange young man.Huge nose, an incredibly beautiful green eyes, long eyelashes and eyes directed somewhere up.That man turned out to Vlad.We started dating.He studied at GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School, but did not finish, neither one thing nor the other.Perhaps the man was sent to me by fate - so that over time to light a new man - my son.I was brought up in the strict traditions of sex in our family did not have to say.So far did not understand that position, do not hesitate even a lack of critical days.Only when in the beginning of something mutter and murmur, and soon to move, to consult with the girl.She immediately took me to the doctor.It turned out that I was in the fourth month.

By nature I'm a terrible
alarmist.Any little thing - starting allergy: sprinkle me, thrill covers.But from the clinic I went completely calm and confident as flint.I wandered along the Arbat and thinking: "Well, everything is now thrown out of my home (although this would never happen), be sure to be dismissed from the institute - who need freshman pregnant? Well, let them! All the same face."One immediately felt that it would be a boy.One day before delivery, I even dreamed it.

Thank God nothing happened.I passed the exams, being the eighth month, externally, and at home I took my position with understanding and joy.

Vlad they lived for two years, but it had a strange relationship.Mary loved him to distraction, to unconsciousness.Sometimes crying barefoot in the snow ran out after him.And he managed to humiliate her so as to humiliate the person is simply impossible.However, when he was born Vlad (Vlad is insisted that her son was given his name, though Masha wanted to name the little Sasha), they began to live together.It was over in one day, but to break it went for a long time.Once he's home with another great drunk, came Mary, they had a fight, and Vlad has hit her in the face.They broke up.The first time he came to Masha, millet ago, and then disappeared."It is now for us does not know, which I am very glad," - sums up Aronov.Usually, after a hard breakup or a woman he wants to marry quickly, or, conversely, men beware.How did you have?It was then in our family there was an irreparable tragedy - my mother died.After her funeral in the house came a terrible silence.No we do not call, we went from the heat.That's when I learned what it is - an extinguished hearth.My earlier menacing, and now rapidly aged dad constantly sat silently in a corner, the older brother went to his family, Vlad quietly playing in the children's room.The house - the bitter cold.I was not prepared for life without a mother: nothing she could not even have a clue how to fill in forms for rent, comes home from work tired and realized that the house is very bad.Better in the street, in the theater.At the same time I'm terribly afraid of loneliness.

few years we have lived three.It was a terrible period.I'm even afraid to sleep in the dark: Panic covers physically getting cold.Accustomed to the constant care of parents, it is difficult to learn to live without their elders.And I'm the kind of person who, on the one hand, can not stand to him over some sway, and on the other - has not learned to live without my mother.Well, since she died, he began to seek protection from adults.

Shortly before his death, my mother said: "Mary, or you will be left alone, or your husband will find me."

so it happened
.But not immediately.And then there was Aronova affair with a famous actor, a man much older than her.He left his family, his wife was very worried and tried to kill herself.Mary knew that, in time for the relationship to be terribly punished, but gave her a passion to stop.And God sees everything - from Aronova apartment and robbed, and she was so ill that life is not just a goodbye, the car broke ... In the end, called the favorite, and said that ... returned to his wife.Masha writhing in hysterics, hysterical, collecting favorite things, sorting out .. and then sat down and thought, "Honey, these people live together for more than 20 years, they understand each other at the level of the fluid. They are - one. Where do you climb?"When all weighed and put in places - he has calmed down.

, this novel was needed to Masha know the price relationship and it was then that Mary once and for all, gave myself a vow: "itself will not change, and no one from the family is no longer taken away."And then came the fateful meeting with the current spouse Eugene.You immediately realize that this is the man you've been waiting?When we met, I thought, on the one hand, Zhenya not seem out of "my" union - the chief of the transport department of the theater and on the other - two months later I realized: "So is it, my only one. And to live on withoutthis man I can not. "He won me long, beginning just a ride in a car, I'm far away from the theater lived.Once he proposed to spend the night.Bed in the children, but there was a close relationship.They were not two months.And in those same two months Zhenya stayed with me forever.All chores around the house, he took it upon himself to the same a few years later a daughter of Seraphim, Everything related to life, home comfort - it's the husband.He washes and cooks.I have given myself and earn money.Yes, I have no husband vanished!Husband a family arranges the alignment?Jack tossed long before decided to say goodbye to a good job, make a choice in favor of our children.Before marriage the father said to me the smart thing: "Are you sure you do not humiliate the man who gave you the opportunity to decide for financial matters? Consider if such ever happens, he will not forgive and walk away."To be honest, a couple of times, I still blurted out something like that, and you have to be so wise, loving and believing in me a man like Jack to forgive attacks thrown a temper.

not think
simply invite a housekeeper, and all problems would be solved?I do not like strangers in the house, because by nature I am a man indoor, We visited only the closest people.With regard to television, we only took Timur Kizyakova and Igor Wernick - people whom I love endlessly.

used to be me and the nurse and housekeeper.But it is for the time being, until I married Eugene - So decade yourself cope.The presence of strangers in the house - some discomfort, disturbance of the atmosphere, It is not a whim, because I'm mad at the purity, I have everything to be on the ticker, neatly.Along the eastern horoscope I - Rat, so the state of my mink very important to me, but we do not put things in order - we support it, and do without nurses.However, her son helped me cultivate a close woman, a neighbor.But then there was no way - I was alone.And the fact that today it is fashionable to hire a nanny through the firm for me wild and unacceptable.

you - at work
, her husband - at home.Do not be jealous?

Eugene trusts me with everything.He does not admit the thought that I, for example, is not a performance, but with another man.While there is no wife, preparing dinner, walking a dog, I put the children to bed, preparing them for the morning clothes.After the performance, we are sure to expect a hot tea.What need to be a beast to do in relation to his wife mean!The main thing - I know that he loves me!After all, if people do not like themselves, so I do not like him.Instantly gets a lot of complexes - and thick, and bad hair.I quietly walk around the house in a wacky pants, no makeup and styling.I do not care who and what about this think.The main thing - like me its only a man with him, I do not complex.He's my husband, so must see in me, even if it is not the most aesthetic.

I often advise on a diet.I tried, not once, but knew in advance that this would kill me.In Aronova so: I want there, then I eat.And after artificial restrictions turning into a beast in the shrew - but with a waist.And who cares?Jack loves me for who I am.And what's the difference - with kilograms or without them ?!With him I have a natural, organic feel.He does everything to Mary Aronov felt like a queen, but do not forget that it was he who nurtures me.