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Alexei Gorbunov, is now removed

How much card lay , that fate brought the author of this material with a future star of the national cinema early, in one district of Kiev rose, went to the same school, albeit in different classes.From last forever imprinted following.We are in dull uniforms and pioneer ties, lined up on the next line.And with envy looking at the bright, dressed in overseas, sealed to the pillory, a small, but the school has become a celebrity Lesco Gorbunova, teachers strongly recommended: "Children, look closely at this student!"The student went on a strong "two" - "three", occasionally truant regularly snapped.The school has come in fashionable jeans flared that would have been unthinkable, he wore his hair long, and it w - in any gate.Plus lit at a dance, played the guitar in the entrance of bawdy songs and soulful singing Vysotsky, Okudzhava, Bernes, Vizbora.I drank wine.Well, where is the good?Thus all adored him and tried to look like a hero.

Alexei Gorbunov
well-played football, dreamed of becoming a socce

r player, of course (the first part of the Kiev "Dynamo". Alex decided to go to the artists. Dad once explained: "The theater seats a little, at the studio, too, and the likeyou, Alex, nowhere to go. So, blow on, my son, in the Merchant Navy or in the extreme case, learn to specialist refrigeration. "But the future kinobandit soul romance was well aware that his certificate - only the actors. And itHe insisted - the first time he entered. Without cronyism. After a triumphant entrance exams parents son's choice approved, and he quickly established himself as one of the most talented students of the Kiev Institute of Theatre behalf Karpenko-Kary. We are, by the way, and, together, studying, only in different departments. As in the spirit confess: Unlike school, Alex S. Gorbunov in high school was extremely diligent. Bone Petrovich Stepankov not only singled out this student from the course, but truly loved, believed in him.

years passed
.At this meeting, Alex was invited to the cafe.However, strictly warned: "Talk only about the movie, about the roles. In short, to work. Got it? If you ask about his personal life - just" goodbye. "I quickly agreed, as felt: Gorbunov was not joking. Alex, it's truethat your creative life is committed some mythical, fateful coincidences?

Yes, many things did not happen by accident. For example, when in 1984, director Vladimir Popkov began work on the painting "Georgia without labeling", which later became to me a sign, the main role initiallyI intended Oleg Menshikov. But Oleg was always busy schedule and dates of filming wait was not allowed. And suddenly, quite by accident, Popkov saw me and invited to audition and - adopted the role of customs. It took film debut Alexei Gorbunov, which is currently shooting anduntil now. The picture immediately became popular. Her entire country several times revised.

With this film
, by the way, an interesting story turned out.The fact that I grew up in a specific area of ​​Kiev - Rusanovka, in cinema "Slavutich" to know every corner of the touch, the boys here, we waded to the movies for free ... So, starring in "Georgia without marking", immediately went to thethe army, but the last six months served in Kieve- One layoffs Rusanovskaya met with old roots, and we went to his home by "Slavutich" watch my debut motion picture, which has already become a hit of the season.We arrive - no tickets.The room does not get through, but we just are not allowed.I begin to prove that I am - the leading man.No one believes - view nonstar: sheared, tortured, and even in the form.Finally, some aunt administrator with grief in half, I found out and ran into the hall.He packed.That's the first time I looked at the picture and - standing in the aisle but at himself staring ...

Soon fateful moments repeated.I am going to shoot Menshikov Roman Balayan in his "Philere" But Oleg was again busy and not able to escape to Kiev.As a result, Roman G. confirmed his role to me.Later the director Svetlana Elias invited into his work "The Pit" on the play Kuprina we have together with Oleg.Is not it a coincidence?

, do not shoot me, Vladimir Popkov "Georgia without marking", unless I got posh jester Chico in his series "The Countess de Monsoreau"?See this picture and it seems that you played Chico, being completely happy man ... You bet!Job in Moscow, such a role ... The more that play did not need anything.There's all in the Chico, text, going to get a continuation of my fate Jester commercials years after 20. But Jack died Dvorzhetsky.And ...

A few years later Oleg Menshikov called me.He explained that begins the rehearsal, promised a good role.I'm confused, because at that time Popkov entrusted me with the title role in the film "Werewolf."What to do?"Werewolf" - big and serious project work is interesting.I explained everything to Oleg and asked for the second part.What the director said: "I have one part."I suffered, doubted, and we must also - again a coincidence: October 28, there was a call from the director menynikovskoy "Kitchen", "We are waiting for you."The next day, the 29th - well on my birthday, Popkov worked last shots "Werewolf."So it happened that afternoon I had filmed the evening was playing in the "kitchen", because just in case the role has prepared.Since you are firmly settled in Moscow?

Yes, since 2001
.I have always had in this city is actively involved - in "The Countess de Monsoreau," "Land of the Deaf", "Kamensky".But I put down roots after when I started working in the theater at the Menshikov, home when moved?Two years at the hotel "Minsk" in Tverskaya Street, it has demolished.Then the theater was paying me an apartment.Even today, I rented a house, to buy their own apartment as long as I can not afford.Of course, if it were not for Menshikov, still I would have lived in a train "Kiev-Moscow", or forever remain in his native Kiev.But in the theater Oleg played five performances a month.It's a lot.Therefore, it was tightly tied to the performances and the theater.And at such a rhythm it is necessary to reside in the white stone.Yes, and often filmed, and again - the Russian filmmakers, in Kiev at the time the movie has decayed, and in Moscow, on the contrary - has blossomed.I was like hot cakes.This is another major reason for my visit Gdańsk.When you have decided on these changes, citizenship is going to change?

I still
Ukrainian passport, I'm a native from Kiev, Kiev residence.But I have nine years of living in Moscow, I have there an intensive work schedule.This uncertainty is not a problem?In some ways it creates, but they are not fatal.And especially about citizenship do not have to bother.Still, between Russia and Ukraine civilized relations of mutual understanding.In any case, the visa regime is not administered.And what's next - I do not know.Today I fit into the normal rhythm of Moscow.Many of your Ukrainian colleagues complain about, say, in Moscow condescending attitude towards them.You feel such discrimination?Nothing like this.This in Soviet times at the studio Dovzhenko I experienced to the full, which is second-rate - three years sitting without work and "bombed" on Zhigulenko at night to survive.And not only I, Moscow does not matter where you came.There's almost all good actors - visitors, so the policy is very simple: if you do something you know how to do well, you will not hesitate.You do not know - bye.Everything is clear - if you are an artist, then, should be able to play.If a musician - be kind, talented compose music.In Moscow, respectful of people, able to work professionally.

At first, I was wound for a long time here and there, as in Kiev, with the head missing work - at the "Al Capone" on the radio.He started on the "Continent", then worked for the "Nostalgia".As a DJ was busy with the club "Cinema" But the strength of the constant moving with the times dried up, and I stayed at the Menshikov.Today in Kiev, I work only on TV because my radio was closed.I refuse to understand what is happening in Ukraine to the Russian language, with all due respect to the choice of the country, except it does not call savagery, We are with you - the indigenous people of Kiev, while sitting in a cafe to communicate in Russian, and not fall into a swoon.My child this year went to the first class, and in the Ukrainian school.

But talking
also in Russian, and radio popularly explained to me that my program is closed, as she went on the air again, not in the language.I do not understand - seven years, people listened with pleasure as I live reading good literature - Marquez, Shukshin, Vladimir Bukovsky, and the audience loved it!Alex, it's true or a rumor that you and Oleg Menshikov beat pots?

Oh, that you nonsense, what!How could this happen?I'm just his theater more on the tour not go.Now I have a lot of shooting and with the same performance "Players" it is impossible to leave.We discussed the situation Oleg normally talked, he understood me, play Oleg prestigious and honorable Through this experience realized my dream of theater.He is a great professional.It works on the following principle.First line of action, the characters discuss with each actor individually.Then thanks to his iron shutter clearly sees to it that the plans have been perfectly implemented.From the hall is always vigilantly watching the rehearsal, but when it is already switched hero literally flies on stage.He played - and immediately into the hall, his rehearsals for a long time you must enter the textbooks on acting.The extremely talented person.Painting Nikita Mikhalkov's "Twelve" - ​​your first cooperation with the master?As an actor, a director - the first.Before that, we were taken together in the film State Councillor Philip Jankowski.Nikita looked at Oleg Menshikov and "Kitchen" and "Players".Therefore, as an actor, he knew me.As far as the "Twelve", then my role was to play Vladimir Ilyin.All artists distributed and approved in advance.With me there was a happy event again - time to be at hand.Call casting director for actors Tamara Odintsov, I inquired if I have two free months.It was the New Year, I have just finished filming the last film, so the time of disposal.We met with Nikita Sergeyevich, discussed everything, I was approved.

, today you very much loaded?

currently shooting in St. Petersburg in a big role at the Alexei Uchitel.The working title of the painting - "Gustav".Recently I worked in the French film "Forever", where my partner was Emir Kusturica.The week of filming took place in Kiev and Kharkov.The film is a spy.And goodbye.Do not be angry, but still just explain your principled position: not a word about his personal life.You greatly offended the media?Just do not want to involve in such conversations relatives.My deep conviction - the actor has to speak only about what he can do.And yet!With whom he lives, where rests, eats, drinks, and what to wear, one should not touch.Of course, I understand: the personal life of public people is unusual for the layman.But I do not advocate make their problems public.But the fact that I will soon be two premieres - as you want.