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Choosing a cell phone female


women choosing phone in the first place should pay attention to its design.Most women make the choice to buy a particular phone, starting it from the way it looks.It is necessary to consider not only the originality of the apparatus, but also the individual characteristics of women.
For example, a business woman suitable modest sleek phone, made in one color, without further details.Young girls will love the bright unusual phone, decorated with drawings or rhinestones.
For those who like to change the style of the phone in the mood, there are hundreds of different ways to change your phone without any extra expenses: key chains, stickers, pendants, chains and cases will help to change their image as often as you want.Thus, a strict phone accessory can be glamorous and elegant model is becoming less visible and challenging.


no secret that most women prefer to carry the phone in her purse.Therefore, its size should be comfortable.Too little phone lost among dozens of other small items n
eeded a woman.Too much will occupy a lot of space.The phone should be such as to make it comfortable to hold and that it was easy to touch even the biggest bag.


Phones are divided by type on the "clamshell" sliders, "bricks", etc.These cute nicknames given to them for their functional features.Female phone should be comfortable for its owner.It must be easy to open, to have a quick and voice dialing.Women prefer it clamshells and sliders.They do not require additional lock key, which is important since the phone inside the bag can live their lives and "call," without your permission.In addition, it clamshells and sliders are available in different styles and solutions, they are easy to use even with a luxurious manicure and long fingernails.


Female phone should have all the necessary functions that would meet the needs of housewives in communication.He must surely catch the signal at different points of the city and the region, especially if the hostess leads an active life or prefer to vacation in the country.
In addition, it should allow not only to talk, but also write.So comfortable keyboard to send sms-messages is needed.
Women love to enjoy every minute of rest, which implies the need for mp3 - player, video and camera phone.Among the additional features can provide an opportunity to connect to the Internet, to the owner of the stylish phone can communicate with friends and colleagues, regardless of their location.
For many useful to the presence of a large notebook and voice recorder.

women choosing a phone for yourself or as a gift, do not chase the price.New products quickly go out of fashion, a few months later the hostess wants a new toy, which can cost quite a few.The main thing is that the phone was the original, fit lifestyle and style of the hostess, has all the features of modern features, but it was easy to handle.Such a gift is always welcome and always will please any woman.