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Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

Such players do not take into

Sometimes it seems to me that a man by the name of Paris Hilton does not exist.What it actually - biorobot created in secret basements Pentagon commissioned by the government.In the list of mandatory as 'product' had come;beauty, wealth, impulsiveness, propensity for outrageous and lack of outstanding talent.Even for greater stereotyping certainly need to be blonde and adore pink.Part of the population of planet Earth loves it, part - hate, and another part - simply does not know about its existence: in our little corner of the globe are even where not yet conducted the Internet and satellite dishes are not hung up on every baobab Actually, then Parisand need: not to leave anyone indifferent.To distract, to comfort, to give vent the accumulated negativity, or, on the contrary, passionate desire beautiful life.Ellochka-cannibal Ilf and Petrov was at war with "Vanderbildihoy" - the daughter of a millionaire Vanderbilt.A modern young lady, with a vocabulary where Pobol Ell

ochkinogo, compete with Paris Hilton, the queen of it-girls.

"She's perfect!"
- roll their eyes alone."It dummy!"- Grind their teeth more.But they both persist drive cherished name in line with the name search engine: the number of requests the name of Paris Hilton is breaking all records.Millions of Internet users wondering what the girl who did nothing.If Paris was not, it should have been invented.Jean Baudrillard, a French theorist of postmodernism and cultural studies, in 1991, wrote an article titled "Gulf War was not", which argued that as long as the world saw the Gulf War only on television and had no way of knowing that thereis really going on, this conflict could in fact be a set of pictures with recorded voices of commentators worried.The film "Wag the Dog" ("Wag the Dog") demonstrated how this can be done.Maybe constantly flashed on the screen, in magazines and online ephemeral blonde Paris - no more than a fiction, simulation, invented by a team of producers and clever image makers?

If I were a writer, "The X-Files", I would certainly have written a series of worldwide conspiracy to create a whipping girl and icons in one decade.But alas - it seems that Paris still exists.And, indeed, her main profession - celebrity.Everything else - trying to be a model, singer, actress, charity - no more than accessories.Occupation, by the way, very, very highly paid: for one his appearance at the party Peris takes a few hundred thousand dollars, Not a bad part of yesterday's successor and the current Bride - is the whole world know that the patriarch of a noble family Barron Hilton deprived ne'er granddaughter inheritance.The last straw that broke the patience of Barron's, the son of founder Conrad Hilton Hotel empire, was a 23-day imprisonment of our blonde, was arrested for drunk driving.

engaged the same what the nobility for centuries, and later the bourgeois class, is the ability to hone to perfection.Ladies, concerned solely balls and celebrity gossip, up to the present day were a dime a dozen.The fate of these was unenviable.These girls become victims of their fathers ambitions, marry them off exclusively dynastic objectives: still benefit from them no, they reasoned pragmatic dad, but in an age of triumphant feminism marriages of faded into the background - even Elizabeth II married to a great love.So the secular girls realized that the benefits of the family business are quite no, began to search for yourself - and find in art, charity, show business.Now the light is fashionable to get a good education and to do what he likes.For example, Ksenia Sobchak, which initially was considered a clone of Paris Hilton, a doctorate in political science and has become not only a popular television presenter, journalist and popular.And only she spits on Paris Hilton fashion: it does not even try to pretend that doing something seriously.Her films fail at the box office and receive a full basket "Golden Raspberry", her albums are not sold, its perfume is also not become hits.A Paris continues to celebrate: it seems it is the only thing to which she indulges with the utmost seriousness.Inexorably observes cleanliness favorite genre and style, whatever it at any cost.

habit to take everything from life and more from her childhood: Paris grew up in a family where she did not refuse anything.The daughter of the heir to the clan Hiltons Richard and television actress Kathy Avanzini changed several schools - homes have a rich couple were many - and in one of them, in Connecticut, was even a member of the women's hockey team.Imagine Paris Hilton in the form of a hockey stick with?Meanwhile, there is evidence of: a group picture the team on which the Paris above all - she already had parameters mannequins.

But seriously carried away
sport - however, as to what, then, was - at the Paris failed.She was expelled from school for breaking the rules: she took fashion to leave the school campus when pleased, and on a personal limousine.However, exams for a high school diploma Paris still passed - this resulted in its universities, front was noisy and exciting adult life.

A princess is naked!

Paris Hilton from childhood celebrity and fall asleep and wake up.My mother dragged her daughter with all the social events where you can come with their children, and a pretty little girl was everywhere in the spotlight.Even as a child Paris became a model, and even played a tiny role in the movie, and at age 19 signed its first contract with a modeling agency in her portfolio - GUESS advertising campaigns and Christian Dior.Model of Paris came not bad - thanks to a winning appearance.It seems that it is not bad earned;"I stopped taking money from my parents when I was 18. Since then, I earn a living on their own. It's so cool - to know that you are in no way dependent on men or parents."But advertise vodka and perfume, as well as walk the catwalk, occasionally appearing on the screen in tiny roles in wacky comedies ("Zoolander," "The Cat in the Hat"), is clearly not enough to become truly famous.Princess quickly realized that the good work - is not newsworthy.

2003 was marked by two events for Paris, one larger than the other.Firstly, it appears in the reality television series "The Simple Life" - the story of two "Golden Girl" lands in the American heartland and trying to live the most "simple life": milking cows, shoveling manure, work in the fields.Of course, nothing comes.But the show enjoyed wild popularity not only because of the desire to see a mass audience, as urban cutesy girls sit in a mud puddle in the face of these difficulties.The fact is that even before the release of "The Simple Life" aired Paris has become a star of quite a different genre.

Paris Hilton
with Rick Salomon, the son of the former vice-president of the film company Warner Bros., met three years: it is enough for the nasnimal nearly an hour of home porn with a couple and put a record on the Internet.Family Hilton immediately publicly announced that Rick exploited the poor girl.One, do not be a fool, he sued the noble family of "denigrating their reputation".Meanwhile, the film is already out in the video, under the ambiguous title One Night In Paris ("One Night in Paris", if translated literally, and "One Night in Paris", if you remember that the heiress was named after the romantic French capital).As the long and complicated history with litigation, where it was not clear to anyone who is guilty and ended in nothing, it seems that the idea to launch an amateur porn broadcast belonged to Paris itself, or whether it was a joint decision of Rick, indirect confirmation of thisIt is the fact that Paris through the court nevertheless won the right to receive quite good percent of sales records.

interest it has received not only the material - now that the attention-hungry crowd dirty secrets were involved, could only maintain its regular scandals and scandal.Therefore, young people (models, musicians, actors, athletes, just the "Golden Boy") are changing at the speed of even the gloves, and underwear, and no outing to a nightclub is not without greasy food for the tabloids.Paris is dancing on the tables, giving everyone an opportunity to make sure that wearing underwear - is unfashionable, said that she had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio (Leo startled denies), bring to handle the endless parties and without unbalanced Britney Spears, repaint his "Bentley"pink, introduces a new fashion accessory - dogs Chihuahua.They talk about it incessantly.So much so that one of the leading news channels Mika Brzezinski (daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, formerly national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter) demonstratively tore to shreds the news about Paris Hilton on the air;her outraged that another trick princess to become the first release of the message - is it really more important than the war in Iraq ?!

, infuriated announcer, was the fact that the hapless blonde prematurely released from prison.The history of relations between Paris law - a separate saga.At first, it was sentenced to 36 months probation - for drunk driving - and void, but the heiress has ignored the court's decision and again got behind the wheel - this time she was detained for speeding and driving at night without lights.The judge was shocked: "How can you say that you did not know that your driver's license revoked ?! You got married on the document, which states that you are informed about it!"Paris, fondly patting her eyelashes, said: "Yes, I signed where they showed me. But did not penetrate into the meaning. I'm a very busy man."If it was a joke, "she costly girl.The sentence read: 45 days in jail.Paris stood half: it is all covered with a rash "in the nervous system," and fell into a serious depression.The Princess and the Pea, neither give nor take.In addition, the LA authorities estimate that the famous prisoner expensive it costs: "1109 dollars 78 cents a day, which is 10 times larger than the content of any other offender."This, incidentally, is more expensive than a night in the presidential suite of a hotel in any Hilton.

Fans greeted
their vacant darling with flowers and perhaps a red carpet, touched Paris immediately announced that it was filled with the desire to help people and plans to travel to Rwanda for charitable purposes.However, very soon it turned out that the trip is postponed indefinitely, "I'm afraid - as always unsophisticated she said. - I learned that such a trip is really very dangerous."It does not come out of Paris Angelina Jolie.Against the background of such a turbulent life is not surprising that Paris did not attach any importance to what she calls "my career".Several failures films, one no less disastrous album designer line of bags, perfume brand, the network of nightclubs.It seems to be involved in all of Paris, but in fact - nothing.All of this flurry of activity is needed to it only as an excuse to travel the world and partying.Her biggest achievement in the field of show business - award MTV "The best scream" for her role in the horror film "House of Wax."It is a symbolic way, the film: it makes a killer living people in wax statues.Not if she became Paris, the main global trend-setter, trading in its own name as a brand, a wax dummy and nothing more?

show must go

seems to confirm that nothing human is alien to her, Paris, together with the channel MTV has launched in America and England, the new reality show "Paris Hilton's best friend."With this show the princess, according to her, wants to find real friends who would be interested in her as a person and not as a celebrity and the money bag.She repeatedly crying in an interview at his loneliness: "In Los Angeles, a lot of bad people. I was happy with it until my whole life was devoted only to parties and shopping, but when there was time to reflect, I felt empty inside."Even if this is another PR stunt - anyway for fans of Paris, imitating her in everything, it should be a good occasion to reflect.

to become the best friend of Paris, participating in the show must perform a bunch of jobs: from clothing to change the style in a pigsty manure (to prove his love for animals).Princess herself, communicating with the contenders, determines whether they are sincere with it.The winner of promise "high life lessons from Paris Hilton," And while participants compete, Paris found among participants of another reality show new boyfriend - his name is Doug Reinhardt, it is unfortunate baseball realize themselves on television.

have reality TV star
a lot in common with Paris, living all his life like a "behind the glass": they also prefer not to do anything but to just live and to attract attention.One of the stars of the English "Big Brother", the progenitor of all the reality TV world, Jade Goody, even his own painful death from cancer furnish the show, Life show, without shame or fear - it is now available to everyone, not just the daughters of millionaires, and thisIt can also be self-fulfilling.We all live on one side of the keyhole, and only depends on us whether we are those spies, or those for whom peep, Paris Hilton - the heroine of our time.Without us, it would not have become so - bold, open, close ... and terribly lonely.Now she

28 - the age at which it is time to think about family and children.Just Paris denied rumors that she is going to adopt no less than four - again came of her Angelina Jolie!And then, after meeting with his mother Doug Reinhardt, appeared very similar to Paris itself (it seems Freud was right), the princess opened that store their most beautiful outfits for future daughters.Girls she plans to grow their own copies.The fun will happen if a boy.

As for the movie
, then there seems to Paris found herself.Most recently released film "Repo! The Genetic Opera", a musical about thrash gloomy future of humanity: people struck by an epidemic of dangerous disease requiring organ transplants, so their trade has become the most profitable occupation.The aesthetics of the film - "dirty" gothic cyberpunk with elements of BDSM, one of the main roles performed opera star Sarah Brightman, and who would I answer the question as to Paris skidded?However, in the film it is not enough that a brunette, so more and looks remarkably relevant.Her heroine Amber - the daughter of the head of a powerful corporation on organ trafficking, drug addict, obsessed with plastic surgery, one of the final scenes of the film Amber tries to sing in the opera, but loses face.Literally, a person haggard, "plastic", a falling off of it.Although Paris and received for this role, another "Golden Raspberry", its self-irony in this film - in fact, angry satire on consumer society, which has become the main trade body business - can not but strike the eye.Dear Hollywood directors, be so kind: remove Hilton beautiful samoparodiynyh supporting roles.It is best to get from Paris to play Paris.But Paris itself can not play one.