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PLUS: This is the best way that retains besides almost all the nutrients in foods.Microwave cooks quickly and requires little or no water - so you are unlikely to overcook their vegetables.Vitamins are lost, unless you warmed up or defrost food.
Example: Broccoli and cabbage are losing only 10-20% of vitamin C, if they are to cook in the microwave, and 27-62 during cooking.Spinach loses a minimal amount of folic acid in the microwave.Privarke- 23%.
MINUS: Rumors about the dangers that microwaves cause the human body is able to relate to the area of ​​non-science fiction.Box furnace so designed to radiated waves do not leak outside.But there is a weak spot - a gap around the door.Over the years, through her radiation can penetrate.So if you're too careful, it is recommended to move away to the side, after you've turned the stove.

PLUS: perhaps hard to imagine a more healthful home appliance than a juicer.Only exceptionally fresh juices, we guarantee the fastest and most direct hit
of all the necessary vitamins in the body.
MINUS: Alas, juices all the time will not be full.Another disadvantage of centrifuges known as a large amount of waste.However, the most ingenious use squeezed pulp of fruits and vegetables for the preparation of dishes and desserts, for example, carrot sweet cheesecakes.

stoves or ovens, lost much of their positions with the advent of steamers and especially microwave ovens with grill function.Nevertheless, they are still the most common and frequently used kitchen appliance in the world.
PLUS: suitable for cooking any and all products and allow to realize any culinary dream into reality.
MINUS: Remember: The higher the temperature and the longer the cooking time, the less vitamins remain in the food.
Example: beef with the baking in the oven at 450C loses 53% of vitamins and only 30% at 300C.
How to minimize the loss of vitamins when cooking:
- how to use less water;
- Slice products in large pieces;
- put the products into the water only when it is in full swing;
- always tight lid cover pots and pans.To let off steam - is the best way to get rid of all vitamins;
- use the water from the vegetables for soups;
- do not use copper utensils;
- serve food on the table immediately after cooking.
Example: beans lose 72% of vitamins, if it is cooked in chopped form, and only 46% - if it is to cook a whole.

PLUS: minimizes the time and temperature of toasting, and hence convenient for storing vitamins.Besides preparing without oil.
MINUS: can only be dangerous old toaster - though, like any other household appliances.

If frying in a deep fryer commonly used high temperatures.Therefore, due to the deep fryer, you instantly lose all the heat labile vitamins.
Example: French fries lose up to 90% of vitamin C. Roasted vegetables lose 25-80% of folic acid.
A method for preparing a noticeable effect to the natural content of products.This happens because many vitamins are very sensitive to the effects of heat and air (especially vitamin A, vitamin B and folate).The longer the cooking time, and the higher the temperature, the less vitamins.Even if you have something to cook, it's detrimental effect on vitamins: all nutrients is first dissolved in water and then safely merge into the sink.