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How to choose a freezer on reliability

But to make the workpiece that the winter will save not only strength, but also finance, is very desirable.And in this case, comes to the aid freeze.Fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs - all perfectly preserved for several months and then used to prepare various dishes.Anyone who has ever tried to cook their own vegetable mixture to stew and stewed fruit, not canned agrees to return to the workpiece.But sometimes it brings technology.Rather, its volume: Not all refrigerators have such freezers in which you have chosen fit products.What should I do?Of course, to expand.Namely, to expand the volume of the freezer, which gradually evolved from index luxury in normal potrebnost.Itak how to choose a freezer on reliability we tell today.

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Today appliance stores offer a great variety of freezers - height from 65 cm to 2 m. Outwardly, they look like refrigerators, but in much different, first of all, the number of drawers, as well as their design.For example, some models have transparent contain

er, and the other - on the contrary, painted matte color.This technique is commonly used in the home and in the shops owners prefer freezers - Horizontal unit with a flip-up lid, which are stored and ice cream, frozen foods and other products.

defines a class of ... "Snowflake»

When choosing the freezing technology consumers primarily interested in the temperature that the device can provide.And it is very easy to calculate, even without the help of a sales assistant.After all, the freezer door manufacturers usually place the designation "snowflakes", the number of which indicates the degree of cold and inside the device.Because each such "Snowfield" corresponds to a temperature of -6 ° C, and the duration of storage products.For example, a "snowflake" contends that your stocks will be safe 7 days, two - increase the temperature to 12 ° C, and the shelf life - up to a month, three - to provide temperature conditions - 18 ° C, and the shelf life - up to twomonths.In addition, there are models in which there are four, "snowflakes", which guarantee the shelf life up to six months.


And if you understand the temperature, then the next thing you should pay attention - this reliability.By the reliability of the freezer is operating temperature range, that is, how technology can operate normally at high temperatures.For example, freezers ARDO can work even at temperatures up to + 43 ° C, which is beyond the power of many competitors.Also buyers should definitely pay attention to maintain the temperature at the time of power failure.Few people know that some models are able to maintain the required temperatures up to 51 hours.What is extremely important for products that can not be left without cold for long.

Control Type

Technological progress does not stand still, and we, as consumers, we get a choice, including in the type of control of its technology - mechanical, work in the old, and electronic, makes you feel that you controlat least spacecraft.Mechanical type of control is usually installed on the simplest models.It does not allow to establish the most accurate temperature.For models with electronic control characterized by a display and the ability to set the desired temperature of up to 1 degree.Incidentally, the functionality of the model manufacturers often set the digital display.

Additional features

Availability mode "Fast freeze" (synonymous with "superzamorozka") allows to quickly freeze freshly laid products.When this function is set the minimum (-24 ° C) temperature regardless of the position of the controller.The rapid freezing at temperatures no higher than -18 ° C provides the storage of products in the home up to 1 year.No harm will be also a special anti-corrosion treatment.It is able to ensure maximum performance of the freezing chamber, preventing corrosion of metal parts to destroy it.And antibacterial treatment promotes long-term storage of products, since all of the bacteria in contact with the inner walls of the freezer, simply die.

Country of origin

addition to technology features, we recommend to specify the country of origin, as this has a direct bearing on how the quality of the production technology and the quality of components used.For example, machines of the same brand can be assembled in different countries, respectively, and the quality of this technology in practice will be different: in the advanced industrial culture - Germany, Italy - the quality will be higher.Collecting material for this article, I had to work around not one hardware store.Opening the door and expertly examining containers for food storage, is pleased to note: the technique is really good, and for the freezing of the summer, and for making ice cubes for cocktails.By the way, the last can be quite "fun" for example, freezing in each cube of the cherry and mint leaves.

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