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How to choose a refrigerator and a brand

Novelties significantly simplify life: convenient to make purchases for a week to prepare for the future, do not worry about the safety of products and not to think about defrosting.Of the many models to choose it will be easier if the schedule currently landmark - capacity, advanced cooling technology, economy, say, or functionality.How to choose a refrigerator and a brand - all this in the article.

More - better

Modern refrigerators are designed for any load: is a mini desktop models, the standard "Packaging" and the vast mnogodvernye "cabinets".Among single-door refrigerators for the home or garden freezer without it there inexpensive models adequately equipped (NORD, Daewoo).Leadership by popularity retain triple-two-meter combi models Bottom Freezer ("Atlas", ARDO, Indesit).However, a lot of fans of the broad mnogodvernyh refrigerators, essential for long-term storage of both fresh and frozen products.Particularly noteworthy are the champions of spaciousness - units Side-by-Side, a useful amou

nt of which is approximately equal to the volume of two classic refrigerators (Smeg, Miele).

Fresh solutions

In good your products are not refrigerated for a long time just will not spoil, but also maintain the beneficial properties and appetizing appearance.Evenly distribute the air flow for gentle cooling and maintain the necessary moisture allows multithreaded air circulation system Multi Air Flow.Extend the life of perishable products and fresh vegetables and fruits to help "area of ​​freshness" in modern refrigerators.In such "zero" provision chambers maintained at about 0 ° C, and more specifically from - 1 ° C to + LC.Few units are able to keep the vitamins in products: refrigerators with a special vacuum compartment and a cassette, "spray" antioxidant on its contents;and others use LED lighting to save the vitamin C in vegetables and fruits.In addition, the filter cartridges are often used to protect products against bacteria or foreign odor, proprietary technologies and ionization air cleaning and antibacterial inner coating based on silver ion.

Just super

If you purchase provisions for a week - something common, something you can not do without a refrigerator functions such as "Supercooling" for the refrigerator compartment and "superfreezing" - for the freezer.The names are different, but the idea is the same: by rapid cooling / freezing foods do not have time to lose nutritional value.Do not waste time on defrost allows automatic defrosting: drip system, and better No Frost - special fan, which prevents the formation of frost and ice.Not least is economical: preference is given to a refrigerator with energy efficiency class A, A + or above - the content will be cheaper.In the energy saving mode is also working "vacation": leaving, you can completely turn off the freezer, leaving the freezer included.

Among other important features of the new products are the following:

1) touch or push-button control panel and digital display, which displays the current settings of the device;

2) two compressors on some models, allowing the independent adjustment of the temperature in the chamber;

3) audible / visual alarm power failure, the door ajar, and other disruptions;

4) open plan interior space with adjustable height shelves, push-containers and special compartments for bottles and cans, pizza, medicines, cosmetics, etc .;

5) quiet operation - noise level of the best units does not exceed 38 dB;

6) stylish design: the place is occupied by red white, black and colored refrigerators, including those with mirrored doors, various models of stainless steel, instruments with painted enclosures and ready for tuning.