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Is it better to choose - a microwave or aerogrill

Indeed, cooking meat in a grill is a bit like the same process on the grid - and in fact, and in another case, the products are blown by a stream of hot air, but instead of coal Aerogrill running the heating element and the fan creates the necessary air flow.For three decades aerogrill undergone a number of improvements, acquired a number of additional functions.

Usually aerogrill is a glass container with a lid that incorporates a heating element and fan.Through the first heats, the second - provides air circulation.

Aerogrill created as the next generation of microwave oven appliances, including all the positive aspects of the microwave.

So after all, it is better to choose - a microwave or aerogrill?

According to the manufacturer, aerogrill, unlike microwaves, allowing you to cook meals without the use of oil and other fats.However, microwave oven with grill and convectors are also working on this technology.But

aerogrill fundamental difference from microwaves in the fact that microwave cooki

ng products is due to high-frequency radiation, and in Aerogrill - by treatment with a hot air stream.

cooking and heating is carried out in a uniform exposure Aerogrill streams of hot clean air (not the microwave, which some users and experts considered dangerous), and this method allows you to keep the juiciness and give an exceptional taste of the product.When cooking on the grid have contact with the heating surfaces of products, which contributes to preservation of useful substances at the same time the fat that not all useful and not everyone like in the cooking process drips.

If you cook the soup, all the products are put into a container at a time, and the process of scaling in Aerogrill completely absent.When using Aerogrill reduced to zero the risk that he will flee or prigorit milk porridge, par fried patties evenly on all sides (and do not need to turn them), not hot sandwiches are solid and heavy, as it happens sometimes in the microwave.Aerogrill no equal where need healthy ways of cooking - longing, braising, stewing.

easiest aerogrill cope with baking poultry, cooking soup, cooking dietary dishes steamed, cooking eggs.You can bake cakes in Aerogrill, roast meat and fish.Aerogrill "knows" how to sterilize the jars, in fact - to cook right in jam jars.Inside the device is created an enclosed space of constant volume - by heating in it there is a pressure above atmospheric and the boiling point of water becomes higher than normal conditions - at a level of about 140 degrees.This makes more efficient the sterilization process, during which destroys bacteria, harvesting fruits and berries can now be made without any sugar - so high sterility.And most importantly - cooked so the jam is not candy.

In Aerogrill possible drying of mushrooms, berries, greens, biscuits, fruit, candied fruit, marshmallows, roasting seeds and nuts, soups, mashed potatoes.There are even recipes for smoked Aerogrill poultry, meat and fish hot and cold method using alder chips or chemical fumes.

Aerogrill reduces the allergenicity of processed foods.It allows the use of any utensils, including dishes, metal and plastic refractory.

Large amount aerogrill allows you to cook up to three dishes at the same time.For example, you can cook soup, main course and dessert for 30-40 minutes using a small capacity.Smells of food is not mixed and human involvement in the process of cooking is required only for cleaning, cutting and laying the product.By the way, when preparing a dish of food odors around there will not be, and this is important if the kitchen combined with a room or no.But

and microwave with two workspaces or chamber volume of more than 30 liters and is able to cook several dishes at the same time.

Cooking in a microwave oven has several limitations: first of all, the microwaves act solely on the water molecules, so the heating of the products is possible only up to 100 degrees, that is, before the boiling point of water.Meat in these circumstances has not yet appetizing gets rosy, and baking is not covered by nice crisp.For such problems need multifunctional microwave - such devices are still different and bulky and power-hungry, and high cost.

Usually Russian consumers become simple microwave, which limit opportunities - heating products.In any of the microwave ovens are not allowed to use metal utensils, dishes with a great "rimmed", it is impossible in these furnaces and roasting in oil and an egg in the shell, and heating of food and dishes in a sealed package.Products in the shell - for example, liver, vegetables such as potatoes or carrots - you have to prick or risk "explode" due to rapidly evolved during heating of steam.When cooking porridge in the microwave oven has to be sure to soak grains.

Manufacturers called dignity aerogrill its ability to replace several pieces of various kitchen appliances.But advertising exaggerates the advantages aerogrill - he still can not replace all other appliances in your kitchen.Thus, steaming turns still weak heating products faster and more convenient in the microwave.Oven or pech- "miracle" better and faster to cope with pastries.

disadvantage can be considered and strong heating of the flask aerogrill, especially if children are present.Next
although manufacturers guarantee stable operation aerogrill when voltage drops, but the voltage drop and the probability of reducing the performance of the device is high.So should bear this in mind, especially since the power consumed by the device is significant and works aerogrill for a long time - a combination of these factors undoubtedly impact on electricity bills.

results of consumer opinion survey on the topic "What is better to choose - or aerogrill microwave, in your opinion?" Show that about half of the users are and microwave oven - just defrosting and warming up food - and aerogrill.So buying aerogrill not oblige you to give up the microwave.

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