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Will overcome the heat, buy air conditioner

During summer, the sun warms every day is stronger than ever.Especially we feel the exhausting heat of the afternoon of the day of any year.At that point, the cooling devices are a necessity.Therefore, we can say with confidence that we will overcome the heat of buying an air conditioner.

How did running air conditioning, which we buy?Air conditioning is different from the good old fan that he not only rides the air, but also very much makes it cool.

advantage of this device is a multi-functional acts.In winter, air conditioning is able to heat the apartment, and vice versa in the summer - cool.He also has a mode of ventilation, thanks to which, with the help of special filters, it purifies it, and because of this, ventilate the room.Filters that have air conditioning, are divided into three types, and each of them fulfills its specific function.For example, various carbon filter eliminates odors, including the smell of tobacco, the air filter does not pass a large dust, but elektrostatistichesky reta

ins fine dust particles that are in the air.In addition to all this, the air conditioner has an automatic mode, by which he determines that it is necessary to include (cool or warm the room it).Your task here is just that you need to set the desired temperature.What you do not miracle machine, with which we easily could overcome the heat or cold.

addition to these functions, air conditioning also has a timer to control the temperature in the apartment while you sleep.With this timer, the air conditioner can automatically lower the temperature on their own for a couple of degrees, and also to raise it in the morning when you wake up.Works such a device is very quiet, so to disturb your sleep, he just can not.Anyway, the air conditioner does not cool the air continuously.He does this only initially and then just maintain an appropriate temperature in the room where it is installed.

And now let's look at the main types of air conditioners, in which we shall be stronger than in the sweltering summer heat.All conditioners, primarily divided according to the principle of its installation in place.This floor, window, mobile, tower, and the most common among air conditioners, wall.The last two types of air conditioners are called split-systems (single).Such conditioners tend to have two blocks.The first of these must be installed in the inner space and the second outside (outside).The apartment has a cooling device can be installed absolutely everywhere, even regardless of your interior or size of room.Most often it is mounted on the wall, floor or skillfully attach the suspended ceiling.It is appropriate to say a few words about the special of the multi conditioner.It consists of an external unit, in the total amount of one and several indoor units.Therefore, this air-conditioned in the heat very well suited for the apartments, where there are many rooms.

How all the same to select the appropriate air-conditioning, with which we surely will overcome the heat?First of all, before buying such a cooling device, you need to pay attention to the capacity of the equipment.After all, it is from this and will depend common heating or cooling of the apartment.This capacity determines the overall scale of the room, which will be "working" instrument with a view to cooling or heating.Also it depends on the velocity of propagation and very warm or cold air.An example of this can serve as such a situation, if your room is 40 square meters, you do not need to buy an air conditioner that has a radius of the work of 30 square meters.In this case, your air conditioner will only work for nothing, and you throw out it wasted their money.

Also, when choosing a conditioner should take into account such important factors as the number of people who live in the apartment, and the total number of windows in the room, and the availability of additional heat sources.

way, the overall scale of the temperature at the air conditioner is in the range from -10 to 45 degrees Celsius.So, if outside temperature is below or above the - air conditioning simply can not cope with the work.

If you have firmly decided for themselves that "we will buy air conditioner, which is placed on the window," initially measure the size of your window.Here the most important thing is to fit a window air conditioner.By the way, after the installation of the cooling unit is necessary to remove all the obstruction of normal air distribution objects - it drapes or curtains, blinds.

But if you opted for the mobile air conditioning, know that it is noisy work.So, before you buy it, test it the noise level in the store, asking the air conditioner.Also, be sure to ask about its overall weight and size.Remember that you take the mobile air conditioning, but not huge and awkward device to cool the apartment.

And finally I want to add that buying the appliance, be sure to consult with a specialist who will tell you what your air conditioner is best suited.Good luck with your purchase!