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How the girl to choose a netbook?

What is a netbook?

Well, let's start with the fact that we shall understand why a netbook rather than a laptop or home desktop computer.If you need a mobile computer, of course, the last swept aside.But what is the difference between a netbook from the laptop.In fact, everything is simple - choose the netbook easier it is mobile, is worth less.And if these benefits are important to you and you do not mind that in terms of performance it is far from a laptop, you're right by the netbook.Now we have to choose the right notebook for himself among the variety of options.

Let's start with the fact that netbooks - a compact mobile computers with a relatively small display (maximum - 11-12 inches) and basic functions.

Appearance netbook

Immediately touch the appearance of a netbook, usually for the fair sex without significance is always the appearance of even the most functional things.Computer - is no exception.Therefore, many manufacturers have taken care of the issue of attraction of external mode

ls, for example, Eee Pc, MSI Wind, LG X120.If you're a student, then no harm will pay attention to such factors as a wider keyboard, and the desirability of Bluetooth, Wifi / Wimax / 3G.For example, Asus Eee Pc 900 series, MSI Wind U100, Hp mini and others.
In general, when choosing a netbook you should pay close attention to three main indicators: performance, size and autonomy.
Performance and autonomy
immediately want to repeat, the netbook is considerably inferior in performance and notebook computers, and even a simple fixed, although, of course, a specific resource they have, and even there are dual-core processors and discrete graphics card.But powerful netbook does not happen, however, which is quite logical, since they are created, in general, that, for certain purposes.Netbook - the most convenient device for the Internet, now that wireless networks are becoming more accessible.The prefix in the name "netbook" - "no," there was just from the name on the Internet.


today among the leading role netbook takes the platform Intel Pine Trail - single-core processor Intel Atom N450, N455, N470, N475, where the clock frequency - 1, 66-1, 83 GHz and the Intel GMA 3150 - Integrated Graphics.In terms of performance, this platform is not much higher than the performance of its predecessor platform with Atom N2xx, but it is undeniably the best value is the increased energy efficiency, and thus the data netbooks can provide a very decent time to work offline.

Global brands

It netbooks such as the ASUS Eee PC 1001PX, Samsung N150, Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3.
If you want to have on your netbook could still be enough volume to run the game, then you should pay attention to the platform Nvidia Ion 2, the performance of which is slightly higher than the previous one.It can be quite a decent dual-core Atom D525 1, 8 GHz and is the most discrete graphics that can pull some weight game.But because of higher performance, lower battery life, so there will have to choose.Though yet, netbook is not often used as a main computer, respectively, play on it too should rarely, so you can stay on the platform and Intel.
netbook platform Nvidia Ion 2, which are in great demand and popularity: ASUS Eee PC 1015PN, ASUS Eee PC 1201PN, ASUS Eee PC 1215N.
Another notable representative of the netbook market - netbooks on the platform from AMD.The single core processor, has built or discrete graphics, which is also slightly increases performance, but battery life is still lower than in the previous version and also those netbooks more heated.
most popular netbooks AMD: Acer Aspire One AO721-128Ki, HP PAVILION dm1-2100e, ASUS Eee PC 1201T.


Of course, the netbook does not have to be big and heavy.This is one of its main advantages.But the smaller netbook, the correspondingly smaller and display.Display at least 8 inches in the not quite convenient.Although, any size can be used to, in fact.On the other hand, netbooks with large display and will weigh more.The difference, of course, a few hundred grams.But for the girls, maybe it will be felt, constantly carry on less than a pound or more.The best option may be in this case a netbook with a 10-inch display, it will weigh about 1, 1 up to 1, 3 kg.
Today the most popular are the following line of netbooks: Wind from MSI, Aspire One from Acer, Eee PC from ASUS, Mini from HP.


and left to light the last but one of the most important issues.The cost of the netbook range from 10-11 to 20-22 thousand rubles.In fact, it is possible to choose the right mobile computer for any amount within these limits, if your demands on it are not too large.Conventional netbooks with 10-inch display 10 "will cost about 10-15 thousand rubles, depending on the advertised brand and that margin, which makes the store. 11-12 - inch - will cost a little more in the region of 18-20 thousand rubles,maybe more, the price of some comparable with the prices of these laptops.
So, here's a rough overview of the tips that you can give a girl choosing a netbook - a convenient and mobile computer for working with documents, view photos, listen to music and, of course, a comprehensive workInternet. As you see, choose your own netbook is not so difficult! Successful purchases!

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